Top 10 most Instagrammable places in Victoria, BC

From lakes to parks to alleyways, there are so many stunning and Instagram-worthy places in Victoria to visit. Maybe too many! It can be hard to narrow it down, which is why we created this list just for you.

If you’re planning a trip to Victoria, aka the City of Gardens, don’t forget to capture the memories and check out at least a few of the sites on this list because they truly are the top 10 most Instagrammable places in Victoria, BC. You’ll see!

(This list is in no particular order!)

Family Session (Basic) Photo by Vlad Vasnetsov Photography in Family Package, Victoria, BC, Canada

Photo: Vlad Vasnetsov Photography

1. Arbutus Cove Park

While Arbutus Cove is well known by locals, the sandy white beaches and the green cove are rarely overflowing with people. Even when it’s hot outside! This is because of the tiny parking lot, so if you decide to take a dip into the cold and blue waters of Arbutus Cove, or have a picnic at the park, you might need to park on one of the nearby streets.

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Whether you choose to take photos smiling in front of the green Arbutus trees or strolling along the rocky shore with the sparkling ocean behind you, both are dazzling backdrops.

2. Fisherman’s Wharf

Photo: Marlboro Wang Photography

This hotspot is filled with fish n’ chip restaurants and vibrant houseboats, making it a great place to stop at lunchtime and snap some pics.

It’s located right by the water in James Bay, which is a short walk from downtown Victoria and is a popular area on a warm, sunny day. Make sure to take some photos at the waterfront with Esquimalt behind you or pose with some fish n’ chips.

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When you’re done here, stroll down Dallas Road until you hit another beautiful location, Ogden Point. Relax at the boardwalk or on the beach and enjoy the views!

3. Hatley Castle

Floating Balloon Fantasy Session Photo by Naomi Maya Photography in Portrait Package, Victoria, BC, Canada

Photo: Naomi Maya Photography

Hatley Castle is a brilliant spot to wander around and take photos at because of its Edwardian charm, flourishing gardens, and ocean view. Not only is Hatley Castle a common site to take engagement and wedding pictures at, but lots of people host weddings here as well. It’s not difficult to see why.

It’s located on Royal Roads University’s campus in Colwood, which is a 25-minute drive from downtown Victoria but definitely worth the trip!

4. Craigdarroch Castle

May be an image of 3 people, people standing and outdoors

Photo: The Blackfish Collective

Victorian-era meets Scotland influence in the Rockland area of Victoria, is how to best describe Craigdarroch Castle. From the inside out, this castle is breathtaking, which is why you’ll see lots of people taking out their phones or cameras to snap some pics.

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Surrounding the house is a stretching expanse of green lawn with a few trees here and there. At night, the castle glows a warm orange; the atmosphere is incredibly romantic and perfect for a couples photoshoot! If you are a fan of architecture, you must stop at Craigdarroch Castle.

5. University of Victoria

Prom or Graduation Session Photo by Marlboro Wang Photo in Family Package, Victoria, BC, Canada

Photo: Marlboro Wang Photography

For green trees and a rainbow of flowers during the spring and summer, or orangey and red trees during fall, the University of Victoria's campus has a never ending supply of lovely areas to stop and pose in front of.

Purchase some UVic merch from the on-campus bookstore and flaunt it in front of the buildings with your friends or family for some nice pics. Some common sections of campus to snap photos at are the quad, in front of the library, and Finnerty Gardens (which is located on the other side of Ring Road).

6. The Butchart Gardens

Whether it’s winter or summer, The Butchart Gardens never disappoint and always supply a magical atmosphere. It’ll feel like you’re stepping into a fairy tale (or a winter wonderland depending on the time), and you could spend hours taking pictures here.

During the summertime, the gardens are full of vibrant colour and life. During the wintertime, the gardens sparkle with Christmas lights and decor. You can even go ice skating and drink hot chocolate, which is always a good time!

7. Beacon Hill Park

May be an image of 1 person, flower, tree and outdoors

Photo: The Blackfish Collective

Not only is this a wonderful place to take photos at, but it's the perfect place to bring the family (especially the kids). Not only is Beacon Hill Park massive, meaning you have the space to take your time with the pictures, but there’s an abundance of fun things to do.

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You can stop at the petting zoo to see the animals (they have the cutest baby goats!), walk with the peacocks, watch the ducks swim around the ponds, or play at the playground. Every trip to Victoria isn’t complete without an adventure around Beacon Hill.

8. Mount Douglas

Family Mini Session (20 min) Photo by ooh ooh darling in Family Package, Victoria, BC, Canada

Photo: Ooh Ooh Darling Photography

Not only is Mount Doug an ideal hike for the family but it's an impressive site to take photos at as well. Whether it's morning or night, the lighting and scenery of Mount Doug never disappoints! Which is why it's a popular location for photographers to take pictures at.

One of our favourite things to do is bring a cup of coffee up to the mountaintop and watch the city slowly wake up. Once you're done your coffee, you'll have the energy to finally pose and shoot some pictures!

9. Telegraph Cove

Not to be confused with the Telegraph Cove up the island near Port Hardy (which is a 5.5-hour drive away…), Telegraph Cove is located nearby the University of Victoria, in between Arbutus Cove and Cadboro Bay.

It’s a pretty area to spend the afternoon at with a rocky beach that stretches on for a while, offering lots of space for you to relax at. On sunny days, the water is bright blue and cold, yet fun to swim in. When it’s a cloudy day, the water turns grey but is still a beautiful spot to take some photos of your family, friends, or partner.

10. Fan Tan Alley

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Photo: The Blackfish Collective

One of Victoria’s most popular alleyways is Fan Tan Alley, which you can find right in Chinatown (Canada’s oldest Chinatown too!). It runs from Fisgard Ave to Pandora Ave and has red brick walls that are excellent backdrops for your next photoshoot.

When you’re finished snapping photos, support the local shops you can find in Fan Tan Alley!

1.5 Hour Family Session Photo by Burrow & Bloom Photography in Family Package, Victoria, BC, Canada

Photo: Burrow & Bloom Photography

Do you feel ready to take on Victoria now?

If you want some help capturing the memories you’ll make around this beloved city, hire a professional photographer! It’ll take the weight of getting the right angle and lighting off your shoulders so you can get the most out of your trip.


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