Being a photographer is easier with Focal!

Why should I join Focal?

Improve your life by allowing dream clients to find you. Grow your business under your terms! Build an online storefront and set your own prices. Plus, easily accept credit card payments and send professional booking invoices. Focal is more than just the platform, though: it's a community that has your back. Focal users get 1:1 client care and gain access to a network of photographers and professionals.

I already have an investments page on my website. How is Focal different?

We’ve designed our packages and portfolios to go beyond the usual “X number of photos for $Y” formula. We feel it’s missing a major piece of the picture: telling your story as a photographer — and in turn, conveying value. What makes you special as a photographer? What do you do that nobody else can do? We’ve built our packages to put your story front and center.

Imagine you’re shopping for a camper van. The first three places you visit list only the price and the miles per gallon. But then you come to a lot where the salesperson takes you into an RV, makes a fist, and punches the roof. They tell you how the RV was built to withstand heavy snowfall during the winter. The roof is stronger and more durable than other models. Which camper van are you going to remember?

Which Focal plan is for me: Starter or Partner?

We designed the Focal Starter plan to be an end-to-end solution for newer photographers looking for a professional system to start commercializing their business. It includes all the tools you would need to start offering and booking shoots — and is so simple you can get set up in a day.

Our Partner plan is geared toward seasoned photographers who are booking more than $500 in shoots per month. It allows you to take full control of your branding by using your own custom domain and a zero % fee on bookings you take through the platform.

How does Focal help me book more clients?

Instead of being ghosted after sending your prices, or having customers visit your website and bouncing, Focal provides you with tools to convert more of those leads. Our portfolios and packages focus on what make you unique as a photographer — a formula that leads to better matches with your clients and happier, long-term customers.

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