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I cannot emphasize how grateful I am for these awesome peeps at Focal. Their business accelerator program has been of such tremendous help for me. I want to specially mention Lachlan and Martin, who have kept with me and my work persistently and helped me understand the business perspective greatly. Their involvement has helped me focus on creating. I highly recommend their accelerator program. It's fun, motivating, and feels like you are talking to friends who help you with your business!

Nadiya Marwah Photography
Vancouver, BC Canada

Are you trying to take your business to the next level?

Lachlan Shum

Co-Founder, CEO of Focal

Has your photography business reached a plateau? Are you feeling like you need a little push to get over the hump? Does it feel like your business needs rebranding, or you’re stuck building up a regular client base? As if, after years of work and training, your business isn’t getting the traction you’d anticipated?

The Focal Business Accelerator Program is here to help. This program is for photographers who have put in the work, but just need a nudge getting to the top of the mountain. We are the guides who are already acclimatized and have done this trek a hundred times before.

We'll help you take a hard look at your business, your customers, and yourself. Then, we'll help you come up with a streamlined and repeatable way to reach your ideal clients, get more bookings, and accelerate your business.

Ready to start?


Program Overview

Session 1: Discovery

Our first Business Accelerator session will be all about identifying who you are as a photographer. We'll get to know your business, your story, and your goals for the future. Then, we'll take an in-depth approach to analyzing your current state. This will include:

1. Identifying your ideal client and what makes you unique from other photographers
2. Reviewing your website and social profiles, and identifying what's working - and what isn't
3. Understanding where your customers come from (Customer Buying Journeys, Web Traffic, Social Media Engagement, and Conversions)

Your post-session work: Build ideal client personas


Session 2: Conveying Value

Our second Business Accelerator session will begin to put our discovery insights to use. We'll take your ideal client personas and learn to:

1. Convey your unique value to your ideal customers at every touch point (website, social media, and booking process)
2. Think of your website as a store, not an art gallery
3. Design messaging that speaks to your ideal client in a way that makes them want to book

Your post-session work: Build tangible, ready-to-book photoshoot packages that speak to your ideal customer with Focal. Example

Session 3: Putting it into Action

In our final Business Accelerator session, we will put your new photoshoot packages to use by:

1. Building a streamlined, professional workflow and booking process with Focal
2. Designing marketing strategies to reach your ideal clients
3. Creating a campaign to reach your ideal clients with one of your photoshoot packages


Why Free?

At Focal, we believe in empowering photographers for the good of the industry. By helping elevate the education, service, and skill of photographers, we can contribute to the overall industry by preventing dilution, increasing photography value, and improving customer experiences.

Get Help from Anywhere

The Focal Business Accelerator program is here for anyone, wherever you are

Ongoing Basis

Our Business Accelerator is not the end of your mentorship. Want to join a community of supportive, likeminded photographers? Our Confidence, Clients & Cameras Facebook group will get you in-depth feedback about your business and exclusive access to real, practical advice from top photographers.


We get that being a photographer is hard. You're building a small business in a highly competitive industry. Whether you're a beginner or veteran, we all feel a bit lonely sometimes. Focal is here to help.

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Let's answer some of your questions

Who gets accepted to the program?

While we do our best to accept as many photographers as possible into the Business Accelerator, due to high registration volume, you may be put on a waitlist. Priority will be given to photographers based on urgency and program fit.

How long does the program take?

Typically, we will schedule sessions once a week and have the program completed in under a month. This gives you adequate time to complete independent work and to properly reflect on your business and customers.

How are the sessions conducted?

All of our mentorship sessions are conducted over Zoom or Google Meet.

What if I'm a photographer that's just starting out?

While we're thrilled you're interested in the Business Accelerator, this program isn't the best fit for you as many of the concepts require previous experience with paying clients. That said, we still want to help. Please shoot us an email at contact@bookfocal.com and we will be happy to point you towards some resources that can help.

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