We believe in making the photography industry a better place

A place where anyone can easily find the perfect photographer to tell their important stories. Where photographers are empowered to succeed on the basis of their art, not seo, instagram or ads

How it works

How we are doing it

Happy customers + empowered photographers = better photography industry

Despite modern marketplace innovations like Uber and Airbnb, finding and hiring a great trusted photographer is still a cumbersome and daunting process. Companies have attempted to solve this problem, but have done so at the expense of devaluing and commoditizing the artists and entrepreneurs whom make their livings in the industry.

We want Focal to stand for something. So we founded the company with the mission to make the photography industry a better place. Today, our online photography marketplace bookfocal.com makes hiring top vetted photographers in Victoria BC easier than ever. Whilst, offering a fair platform that empowers photographers to realize the value of their art.

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