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Top outdoor elopement locations in Victoria, BC

April 29, 2020

With restrictions in place due to COVID-19, we know that a lot of wedding plans have had to be altered. But that doesn’t mean love is cancelled. Everyday, our team is surprised by the beautiful and incredible ways that couples are finding to forge ahead and celebrate their love. 

However, we have been seeing a lot of questions about venues as couples adapt to the new restrictions. One of the safest and most affordable ways to elope is choosing one of Victoria’s beautiful parks for your ceremony. An outdoor elopement location enables you to maintain social distancing as well as minimize the likelihood of any transmissions. 

Here are Focal’s Top Elopement Locations in Victoria for your inspiration:

Holland Point Park

Holland Point Park really represents the west coast at its best. Along Dallas road this Victoria Park offers so many great spots for your ceremony. Backing on to the Ogden Point Breakwater, in the tall grass, or on the smooth pebbled beach - you really can’t find a much better oceanfront wedding location in the heart of Victoria. It is also the latest place you’ll be able to catch the sunset on the island.

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Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park is a classic location for weddings in Victoria. It offers gorgeous flowers and gardens, a small lake and even a stone bridge. Amongst the trees, It’s easy to forget you’re in the heart of Victoria. You can also find leagues of ocean front walkway. This is what makes Beacon Hill Park so special, it has everything and its so big that it's easy to get lost - perfect for a serene wedding.

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Fonyo Beach

While Holland Point and Beacon Hill are very popular locations along Dallas Road, Fonyo Beach certainly shouldn't be overlooked. Nestled between the two, the secluded sandy beach offers a bit more privacy due to its bluff and steep descending stairs from Dallas Road.

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Songhees Point Park

With a spectacular unobstructed view of Victoria’s inner harbour, Songhees Point Park is a beautiful venue for your ceremony. You’ll truly feel like you’re in the heart of Victoria with the seaplanes and boats going by.

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Saxe Point Park

Saxe Point Park boasts beautiful reclaimed natural forest, oceanfront views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and on clear days, the Olympic mountains. Its lookout point serves a popular ceremony location. As it falls in the township of Esquimalt, you will need to apply there instead of Victoria for a wedding permit. See information regarding permits below.

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Weirs Beach

If you’re looking for a peaceful sandy beach for your nuptials, Weirs beach is just a short drive out from Victoria past Metchosin. This protected cove offers stunning ocean views and is often less windy than some of the more exposed beaches in Victoria. The beautiful soft sand is perfect for a long walk barefoot with your partner.

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Permit and Guidelines Info

Victoria Parks

You can find all the information you need about getting a wedding permit for Victoria Parks here.

Insurance is required for a wedding permit. Also please note that permits require a minimum of 6 weeks before your requested date to be submitted.

Esquimalt Parks

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Top outdoor elopement locations in Victoria, BC

Love isn't cancelled due to COVID-19. Every day, our team is surprised by the beautiful and incredible ways that couples are finding to forge ahead and celebrate their love. Looking to ditch the big ceremony? Discover the top outdoor elopement locations around Victoria.
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