How to revolutionize your photography business

Is your business ready for 2021?

Whether you feel ready to bring your photography business into the new year (after the strange year we are in right now) or not, you might not have considered completely revolutionizing everything from your website to workflow. But today, I will convince you why NOW is the best time to revolutionize your approach to your photography business to take you that one step closer to your business goals. 

With clunky and hard-to-navigate websites that don’t list prices or segment sessions by type, and a workflow that relies on sending 30 emails back and forth to book a single photoshoot, photographers seem to be stuck in 2010. But that’s okay! You’re not alone and it’s easy to fix and revolutionize your business so that it is ready to tackle 2021.

Credit: Marlboro Wang Photography

Here are 6 ways to revolutionize your business for 2021:

1. Get Rid of Your Pricing Page

Pricing pages keep your business in 2010 when they should be in 2020. They also decrease your site’s SEO, making it harder for potential clients to discover your website through Google Search, and increase frustration in clients because they have to flip between your portfolio and pricing page to understand what they’ll get for that price. Instead of relying on a pricing page that has “Package #1,” “Package #2,” and “Package #3,” create separate pages for each type of session and list the price there. This way, you can describe your family or engagement or newborn sessions in greater detail; this justifies your price to your client and improves your website’s user-friendliness because you have one page dedicated to it.

2. Convey Your Unique Value as a Photographer

Photography is a competitive business which means it is essential to convey your unique value as a photographer. What separates you from the next photographer? What do you do that improves your clients’ experience with you? What do your clients say about their time shooting with you? By conveying this on your website to any inquiring clients, it paints a picture in their mind of  who you are as a photographer and what their session would be like with you.

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Pictured: Naomi Maya Photography

3. Treat Your Website Like a Store, Not an Art Gallery

This new year, it is time to start treating your website like a store, not an art gallery. But what does that mean? Well, imagine this: you’re at an art gallery and are browsing the art displayed on the walls. You come across a beautiful piece and search for a price to see if it’s in your price range, only to realize there is none! You assume the painting isn’t for sale when in fact, it’s the artist’s first piece and he was really hoping someone would come to the gallery and purchase it. Imagine if the painting had a price on it? Then you would have bought it. However, there was no price because this art gallery acted as...well, an art gallery, not as a store.

Focal's Sessions are tailor-made to sell photoshoots.
3 Ways to Treat Your Website Like a Store:

Focal actually has Portfolio & Package Templates that allow you to easily create packages that convey this sort of information. By doing this, it increases your conversion rate because inquiring clients can visualize what you offer. Click HERE to learn more about it. 

4. Put Your Clients First

Sometimes we think we are putting our clients first, when we aren’t. When it comes to our business, consider everything from your landing pages to packages to booking system. Does it serve your customer well? Is it easy for them to understand your packages? Is it simple for them to book you? Put yourself into your clients’ shoes and answer these questions so you can figure out what changes need to be made to your business.

3 ways to put your clients first:
  1. Improve the user-friendliness of your website by creating separate web pages for your sessions, explaining your packages, and segmenting your portfolio by session type.
  2. Keep your website up-to-date by getting rid of your pricing page.
  3. Make it easy for your clients to book you by including a call-to-action on every single page.
Credit: Naomi Maya Photography

5. Streamline Your Workflow 

You can streamline your workflow in a number of ways: not booking people through DM or email, including a link to your website in your social media bios, explaining the details of your packages so you don’t have to answer the common questions that most clients ask (because you’ve already answered them in your package descriptions), and adopting a real booking system. 

With Focal’s booking system, clients can message to book you through a call-to-action button on each of your packages, you can send invoices, keep track of payments, and easily change/update bookings that will trigger automated email updates to you and your client. With our system, it also takes 65% fewer emails to book because our package templates encourage photographers to describe in detail what the experience of their session is like, answering most of clients’ questions right away. Not only does it make it easier for you by cutting down the amount of admin work you have to do, but it makes it easier for your client as well.

More: Streamline your workflow with our Portfolio & Booking System

6. Improve Your Business Education

Most photographers are creatives first and businesspeople second. Whether you have any business training or have just been flying by the seat of your pants, it’s essential to refresh and improve your business-related education. You can do this in a number of ways from watching YouTube videos, reading articles, taking online courses, but one great way is Focal’s free Business Accelerator Program. This program is for photographers who have been in the photography business for a few years, but aren’t seeing the progress and success they hoped to by now. We'll help you take a hard look at your business, your customers, and yourself. Then, we'll help you come up with a streamlined and repeatable way to reach your ideal clients, get more bookings, and accelerate your business. Click HERE to learn more and sign up. 

Credit: Marlboro Wang Photography

Revolutionizing your business for 2021 is not only easy, but necessary. A lot of it is focused on taking your business away from the ways of 2010 (or earlier) and using the tools out there on the Internet to improve and simplify your business. 

Let us help you take this next step in your business, that step closer to achieving your business goals, by taking advantage of our resources (many which are free!). Focal’s Starter Plan allows you to create attractive packages and take bookings for free, with just a minimal booking fee. Our Partner Plan allows you to do the same, along with having your own custom domain and absolutely no booking fees. I recommend the Starter Plan if you’re a newer photographer who is still learning how to take the reins of their photography business, but if you are a seasoned photographer, our Partner Plan can help shift your business to the next level. Click HERE to learn about our pricing options.

Are you ready to revolutionize your business for 2021? 

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