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Your Work Deserves to Be Discovered

Focal Marketplace

Bring In Up to An Additional $1,000/month in Bookings with Focal


I am sure Focal is the future. Focal helped me market my family and headshot sessions, and I grew my business by $12,000 in a year. Everything is clearly laid out and easy for customers to book.

Marlboro Wang - Marlboro Wang Photo
your work deserves to be discovered

Our vision is for photographers to succeed on the merits of their work - not SEO, social media, or ads

We want to see you thrive — and find connections with your ideal clients, not price-shoppers or ghosters. Register now, list your packages on the Focal Marketplace, and be ready for when Focal launches in your city.

Plus, get access to our powerful suite of business tools — all for free!

Lachlan Shum

Co-Founder, CEO of Focal

Simple Booking Tools for Busy Photographers

Overwhelmed by all the complex integrations and customization of complicated photographer business tools?
Focal is simple, for you and your clients

Investment Guide Builder

Dynamic, modern and interactive investment pages for modern photographers.

Categorize your packages by type so customers only see what they're looking for (e.g. weddings or headshots)

Connect to your website so customers can easily browse your packages and pricing

Integrate Google or Facebook Reviews to show off your raving testimonials

See example Portfolio

Package Builder

Build package designed to sell your experience - not just photos.

"With Focal, I love when I get an inquiry and the customer already knows what they want. They already read everything and they just want to book" - Christin C.

Turn your photoshoots into desirable experiences that customers want to book

Anticipate clients' questions such as pricing, policies, and FAQs

See example Package

Lightweight Bookings and Payments

Show you mean business.

Send off a booking in minutes. Set the date, time, and meeting place and send clients a public booking page link

Fully automated booking, email notifications, and customizable checkout

Payments directly routed to your bank account, including financial tracking and management

Calls to Action & Payment Policies right on your booking page encourage customers to pay on-time

See example Booking


With Focal, I love when I get an inquiry and the customer already knows what they want. They already read everything and they just want to book."

Marlboro Wang - Marlboro Wang Photography

Your work is more than just photos - it's an experience

Build a storefront pricing list, create unforgettable packages, and take payments - all in one place

Try it for free
Or Book a Demo and Receive a Partner Plan Trial for 30 days

What Photographers Are Saying

Being a photographer is easier with Focal


"Everything's filtered right [to my dashboard], and [I'm] able to sort and filter and manage all the clients and dates and times and payments all in one spot. It's been fantastic. Everyone's willing to answer questions, no matter what time of day I reach out.



Focal's really great, because when I first [moved to Victoria], I didn't know anybody. After meeting Lachlan and the team, I was inspired. They've been really warm and welcoming and just always there.



I am sure Focal is the future. Everything is clearly laid out and easy for customers to book. Customers can find what they're looking for in minutes or less. It’s also so convenient because instead of writing emails explaining stuff and usually confusing the customer, Focal answers all their questions for me and some more.



Focal has given me the chance to connect not just with clients, but within the photography community. It’s been amazing to be so supported by a dedicated and passion-fuelled team. Focal sees the value in photographers and are always committed to delivering incredible experiences to their clients. I love being a part of that!

Here to cheer you on

We want to see you succeed.

At Focal, we truly value you as a photographer. We empathize that in order to pursue your passion, you have to wear a lot of different hats. From small business owner, to salesperson, to artist or accountant, our goal is help you lighten the load. That's why we offer a number of free services to our users to help ensure you succeed and feel supported as an artist and entrepreneur.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We really don't want your money unless you are getting good value out of our product. If, at any time, you feel Focal isn't delivering on its promises, we will refund your subscription or extend your free trial until we can change your mind.

Portfolio and Package Curation

We want you to be able to show off your best work with Focal, but we know that sometimes it can be hard writing about yourself and what you do. That's why our team of talented writers are here to give you a helping hand and ensure your package convey your value as a photographer.

Hands-On Support

We aren't like other companies that are going to leave you with a 200-page instruction manual and expect you to figure it out. Our team is always excited to jump on a Zoom call or reply to your Instagram DMs. We'll happily show you how to get Focal working the way you want for your business.

More Than Just Software

Because everyone can use a little help from their friends.

Focal University

The blog where photography meets business

Learn More

Business Accelerator Program

One-on-one business consulting


Professional Presets

Tailored Lightroom presets to level-up your photos



Let's answer some of your questions

How does the Focal Marketplace work?

Have you ever thought of how hard it is for a customer to find a photographer? Try Googling for one in your area now: you’ll be met with a dozen different website layouts, half of which don’t have any pricing information, and another quarter of which won’t have any details on how to book — and that’s before you’ve gotten through the first page of search results. Focal's Marketplace simplifies that process, ensuring the best match between photographers and their clients.

On the Marketplace, your work speaks for itself — you don’t have to worry about ad spending or how your Instagram following compares to the next photographer. Customers browse by location and shoot type (e.g. San Antonio family photographers) and get in touch when they’re ready to book.

For photographers, Focal’s Marketplace makes handling bookings a breeze. When a customer wants to hire you, they’ll send you an email directly to your inbox. Then, through our powerful CRM (customer relationship management) suite, you can send a customized booking page and payment link to each customer. (Many of our photographers use these tools for their own customers, because it makes their lives so much easier.) We've partnered with Stripe so you can take credit card payments lightning-quick. Plus, our booking manager allows you to keep track of payments and upcoming shoots, so you’ll never miss a thing.

What makes the Focal Marketplace different from others out there?

"Photographers first” is our motto. That means we aren’t trying to hide your customer leads from you or manufacture fake ones. We’re not here to get in the way. That’s why your branding is front and center on all your packages — because we want you to grow your business on your terms: set your own prices, control your own bookings, and manage what packages go on the Marketplace.

We also take a lower commission on Focal-generated shoots than other marketplace competitors. On our free tier, we take just a 7% booking fee on Marketplace-driven referrals. On our Partner Plan (just US$25/month), we don’t charge any booking fees at all. Plus, once you’ve landed a client through Focal, they’re yours for life.

Why packages? Can't I just charge my shoots by the hour?

Your style is unique — but a price tag and list of shots doesn’t convey any part of what makes you special. And if that’s all your customer sees, then that’s all they have to compare you with the next photographer.

Our data shows that customers are more likely to book photoshoots when they can imagine the experience they're booking. Our packages are designed to tell the story of your shoots, giving your customers something tangible to purchase instead of "$X for Y hours of coverage."

And when your customers are ready to book you? There's no long chain of back-and-forth emails deciding on details. Everything's already been covered. They just book.

Which Focal plan is for me: Starter or Partner?

We designed the Focal Starter plan to be an end-to-end solution for newer photographers looking for a professional system to start commercializing their business. It includes all the tools you would need to start offering and booking shoots — and is so simple you can get set up in a day.

Our Partner plan is geared toward seasoned photographers who are booking more than $500 in shoots per month. It allows you to take full control of your branding by using your own custom domain and a zero % fee on bookings you take through the platform.

What does it cost to appear on the Marketplace?

Getting listed on the Marketplace is free. We want to eliminate barriers to early-career photographers looking to grow their business. To keep the Marketplace free on our Starter Plan, we charge a small 7% commission on bookings generated through Focal. We find this is a fairer payment structure for photographers than other traditional directories. On a Partner Plan (US$25/mo), we waive the commission entirely.

When will the Marketplace launch in my city?

Right now, the Marketplace is in beta stage. We’re actively recruiting new users across North America. Once we’ve reached a viable threshold of photographers in your area, we can launch the Marketplace and promote it. In the meantime, you can take advantage of our CRM suite to create jaw-dropping packages, manage bookings, and accept credit card payments. You can also gain access to our free one-on-one Business Accelerator program, designed to assess your photography business goals and help you chart a path to reach them.

How do you plan to promote the Marketplace?

At Focal, your success is our success — and that extends to the way we promote the Marketplace. We know the whole point of listing your business is getting seen. When we launch the Marketplace in your area, we’ll be taking a multilayered approach: Google Ads, SEO optimization, targeted Facebook groups, and content marketing aimed at attracting your ideal customers. Interested in being featured in a Q&A piece on our Blog? Send us an email at

What happens when I schedule a demo?

Our demo calls usually go 30-45 minutes. We want to get to know you and your business before we explore how Focal could improve your workflow. Once we've introduced ourselves, we'll take you through a demo of the platform to show you exactly how you would set up your portfolio, connect it to your website, and take bookings. Then, if you're ready to sign up, we'll apply a free trial of the Partner plan and take you through the registration process step-by-step. Most photographers get their Focal Portfolios set up and integrated into their website the same day and are taking bookings by the evening.

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