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Sarah Murdoch (Calgary, AB)

As a mother to two beautiful but sometimes challenging boys, I know families. And I also know how much effort and planning goes into getting a family ready for a session, take comfort in the fact that I approach my family sessions in a fast paced, upbeat and completely non-judgemental way. Your two year old wants to run? we run! They need a snack? We snack! Truly, I want to capture my families as authentically as possible and together, we just go with the flow.

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Family Packages

modern photography's Extended Family Family Photo Calgary, AB, Canada

modern photography's Extended Family



Are you wanting to give the ultimate gift? Planning an extended family session with multiple families is a priceless opportunity. Perhaps it's to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or just to capture this moment in time, it is worth the effort in coordinating all your family members' schedules, I promise!

modern photography's Family Mini Family Photo Calgary, AB, Canada

modern photography's Family Mini



It is a perfect way to update family photos with a quick session. Also great for young children or babies over 6 months. This is for a single family [parent(s) and children] at a single location within Calgary city limits.


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