Why you should hire a newborn and maternity photographer

During this new chapter in your life, it may seem like you have an endless amount of things to do before the baby comes. It is a very exciting yet busy period. You may be hesitant about whether or not you should hire a maternity and newborn photographer -- well, we have compiled a list of reasons why you should! 

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1. It’s incredible what the female body can do. 

During the time of your pregnancy, your body goes through endless changes. Capturing and celebrating these changes gives you a chance to appreciate yourself and your body for all the hard work it did. You will miss that bump! 

Photo: Nadine McKenney Photography

“It's amazing what the body can do, and especially giving life,” says Calgary photographer Nadine McKenney. “If you have one child, like myself currently, my body is never going to look like that again and it's kind of amazing.” 

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2. You will have a chance to create the photos of your dreams. 

During the rollercoaster that is your pregnancy, you may not always feel the best -- and let’s be honest: your partner won’t always know or be able to capture your best angles on their phone.  

By hiring a professional maternity photographer, you can trust that they will work with you to get that perfect shot. Years of experience, along with a passion for photography, means you will be smoothly guided into different poses with the perfect lighting that makes you look your absolute best. 

Photo: Burrow and Bloom Photography

Photographers come into each session fully prepared; whether it be in-studio or in-home newborn photos, you won’t have to worry about a thing!

McKenney has a mobile studio she takes with her for in-home newborn sessions, because she understands that after having a baby, you may not want to leave your home:

“I bring a special styling pillow that helps the baby lay in the way that I need [them to]. I bring a nice backdrop. I bring different swaddles and wraps. I do bring a couple baskets, but not as much as I have in the studio. So it's just like a mini version.”

3. Time flies.

Your body is rapidly changing, preparing for the newest addition to your family -- and once that baby comes, it will only remain that size for a short period, making it all the more important to capture those small tiny details. 

Once your baby arrives, it may feel like they're changing in the blink of an eye. From a small bundle in your arms to a hyperactive toddler, things will change fast. However, nothing will beat those sleepy newborn sessions.  

Photo: Nadine McKenney Photography

“I have friends that say, ‘we're not gonna do newborn; we're gonna wait until our child's a little bit older.’ But those newborn photos are just so special,” says McKenney. “As a parent, it seems like it lasts quite a while because you're sleep deprived and all that, but it really does go by so fast.”

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“You don't even realize how quickly things change and go by,” adds Calgary photographer Haley Skof. “And if you invest in [an] annual yearly family photographer that know[s] you and your family and what you're about, then they can capture year-to-year how your family grows and changes.”

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Photo: Haley Skof Photography

4. Having photos helps freeze that time for you to cherish forever. 

Having every stage of your family's growth hanging proudly on your walls is something you can consistently look back on, from that growing bump to those little bundled-up newborn sessions. 

“I look back on my own maternity photos quite often,” says McKenney. “And it kind of just gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling on the inside looking back at those photos, like, ‘oh yeah, my son was in my belly at that point.’ It just kind of brings back all of the memories of the kicks, and it's just one of those special moments that you have to capture.” 

It’s important to capture these changing moments in your life, because years from now when you look back, you can relive them. 

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