What to expect when you're expecting: a newborn photography shoot in Victoria BC

Having a baby is a huge lifestyle change and the last thing you want when you’re a new parent is unnecessary stress.  That’s why we sat down with Focal Photographer Christin Carruthers in Victoria, BC to answer some of the most common questions she gets asked from new parents booking their child’s first Professional photoshoot!

How do I know when to book if I don't know when the baby is going to be born?

Simply schedule your baby’s due date!  This will secure you a place in Christin’s calendar. From here contact her when convenient and together you'll finalize a date for when your baby is approximately 5-14 days old. This ensures that they are still quite sleepy and used to being curled up just like in the womb.

Can I get family photos along with my newborn’s shoot?

Absolutely! If you’re interested in getting family photos along with your newborn’s shoot Christin’s Newborn Full package will be able to capture the entire family along with your newborn! Alternatively, if you’re only interested in photos of your new bundle of joy, her Newborn Mini package may be a better option.

How does Christin get the baby to sleep during the shoot?

At this early time in a child’s life they can be quite fussy and to ensure the shoot goes perfectly Christin suggests that prior to the shoot parents try and keep the child up for a few hours. This coupled with a feeding right before they go into the studio helps the child relax and fall into a quiet slumber. But don’t worry if you can’t get your little one to sleep during the shoot, Christin like many other newborn photographers has lots of soothers and techniques to help your child settle down!

Anything to look out for on the day of the shoot?

The first thing you’ll notice when you show up to the photographer’s studio is the heat! Christin, like many other newborn photographers, always heats her studio to 28*C to help the child relax and drift off to sleep. To make sure the baby is warm on top of the high temperature she’ll wrap the babies up to make sure they are cozy. However, if the child ever looks to be too warm she’ll simply turn down the heat which ensures the baby is relaxed and comfortable. So, when preparing for your child's first professional photoshoot be prepared for the heat!

On the day of the shoot, there's one pose that has surprisingly caused Christin some problems in the past. When new parents are shot holding their children. This is because the way they have to hold their child differs from the way they would usually hold them. To avoid any kind of risk and though it may sound silly Christin helps the parents practice this pose by setting them up with a doll. This helps show the parents exactly how to position their hands and ensures the baby is safe and happy when it comes time to try the shot. Because of this don’t be offended if your newborn photographer asks you to practice beforehand as they are just trying to ensure your child's safety.

How do you make sure the baby is safe?

One thing both new parents and newborn photographers can agree on is safety is the first priority.  This is why newborn photographers including Christin shoot with a 35mm lens which allows them to balance any props the babies are positioned on to ensure their safety at all times. This is important as when a baby is only a few days old they are quite top-heavy and can fall if not properly balanced. If Christin ever needs a different lens for a certain shot she has either the parents or one of the newborn’s siblings help her balance the child. This allows her to capture the perfect shot while still concentrating on the child’s safety. This is great if you happen to bring slightly older siblings as they can be the photographers assistant!

Hopefully, this helps to prepare you for your newborn's first photoshoot and helps new parents have a better idea on the kind of work newborn photographers put in to help make these intimate photoshoots safer and a lot more fun!

Finding a newborn photographer can be a daunting and stressful task, especially with a baby on the way. Luckily, with Focal you can compare the best photographers in Victoria BC and see their prices and availability all in one place. With simple yet informative photography packages, it's never been easier to book a great verified photographer instantly! Find out more on the link below!

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