Top 6 family photographers in Calgary, AB

With the holiday seasons fast approaching, countless memories are made between you and your loved ones. Capture that timeless joy and laughter between you and your family with one of Calgary’s top 6 family photographers: 

Sarah Murdoch (Modern Photography)

As a mother to two energetic boys, Sarah doesn’t shy away from challenges:

“I also know how much effort and planning goes into getting a family ready for a session... take comfort in the fact that I approach my family sessions in a fast-paced, upbeat and completely non-judgemental way.”

She strives for authenticity. Capturing milestones and intimate moments in sweeping landscapes is what she aims for.

Read more: Q&A with Sarah Murdoch

Family Packages:

1 Hour Extended Family Session ($425 CAD)
30 Minute Family Mini Session ($275 CAD)

Photos: Sarah Murdoch (Modern Photography)
What’s Included in a Family Session with Modern Photography:

Extended Family Session:

Unlimited Family Members (i.e. Grandparents, Parents and Children, Aunts/Uncles)
1 Hour of Photography at the Location of Your Choice
20 High Resolution Images of Your Choice
Online Proof Gallery
Digital Download

Family Mini Session:

Single Family [Parent(s) and Children]
Single Location Within Calgary City Limits
10 High Resolution Digital Images
14 Days to Delivery

Customer Reviews:

“What can I say? Sarah is amazing! She's professional, fun and will make you feel comfortable and at ease. Her photos are breathtaking, truly each piece a work of art, flawlessly catching the mood and magic of each moment.” - Mary Ferreira

Stephanie Couture Photography

One of Calgary's top family photographers, Stephanie's family sessions include up to 5 family members. She has captured moments in Calgary, Canmore and Banff, developing an eye for gorgeous backgrounds. 

Her work is a mix between candid and posed to ensure that her couples get not only that beautiful family portrait, but also the everyday life moments that happen in between.

Family Packages:

1 Hour Family Portrait Session ($400 CAD)

Photo: Stephanie Couture Photography
What's Included in a Family Session with Stephanie:

1-Hour Session
20-40 High Resolution Digital Images
7 Days to Delivery

Customer Reviews:

“Stephanie is extremely talented as a photographer. More importantly though is her ability to connect to you and your family and capture the perfect moments. We have asked Stephanie to capture a few of our family's milestones and we are so thankful that she was there. She is so personal, has amazing tricks for kids to be engaged in the session and is very accommodating. There is no photographer like her. Book her! You won't regret it!” - Jenna Fortinski

Nidhin Koz (NKoz Photography)

Nidhin is dedicated to bringing your vision to life by offering a free 45-minute discussion about the style, wardrobe and the scenery that you might be looking for in any outdoor family session: 

“My style has a rich and vibrant feel. I aim to fill the canvas with colour, texture and depth. I believe this is the best way to express the fun, outgoing and charismatic clients I capture! I love meeting new people and telling stories through the art of imagery. I hope to help people crystallize their candid and momentous occasions for a lifetime.”

Family Packages:

1 Hour Calgary Family Session ($250)

Photo: Nidhin Koz (NKoz Photography)
What's Included in a Family Session with Nidhin:

1 Hour of Photography Coverage                    
20-50 Fully Edited Digital Photos

Customer Reviews:

“An amazing photographer, with a vastly large portfolio! We hired him for my sister's engagement, an indoor shoot! Came prepared for a crowded setting; came out with incredible work!” - Kuljeet Singh Bambrah

Haley Skof Photography

Haley Skof, a mother of two, understands the value of each fun but fleeting moment: 

“I love capturing all those special but ordinary moments, the dirty hands hugging his sister, the way he looks up and smiles at Dad and his wild and free abandon for everything in life. The little rolls on her legs, the dimple on only one cheek and her pure delight at watching her brother run.”

Read more: Q&A with Haley Skof

Her ability to appreciate all the little things is shown through her photography: 

“Adventurous, storytelling family sessions are such a beautiful way to remember the little things because I can document how those tiny toes grow, the hugs get bigger and grander, and the imagination and adventures change over time.”

Family Packages:

1 Hour Family and Adventure Session ($350 CAD)

Photo: Haley Skof Photography
What's Included in a Family Adventure Session with Haley:

1-Hour Session
30 High Resolution Edited Images
Immediate Family
Calgary and Surrounding Area                                              
Mountain and Badland Locations Available
Online Private Gallery
Access to Client Closet

Customer Reviews:

“Haley is so talented! Her ability to photograph the real and unscripted moments of motherhood, parenthood and childhood is remarkable. Being a mother herself, she is able to see beyond the typical staged family photos to capture the raw chaos in beautiful photos. If only you could see what she had to deal with behind the scenes with our family! Then, from each shoot we get memories in photographs that help remind us how precious this time in life is. I have, and will continue to recommend Haley to anyone that needs any type of photography in the future.” - Carruthers Family

Nadine McKenney Photography

University-educated in photography, and with a background in modelling, Calgary's Nadine McKenney has a keen eye for posing and guiding her families:

“My passion is capturing the natural moments that radiate love so they are preserved perfectly for a lifetime.”

Family Packages:

1 Hour Family Photography Session ($300 CAD)

Photos: Nadine McKenney Photography
What's Included in a Family Session with Nadine:

1-Hour Photo Session
One Photographer
10 Digitally Edited High Resolution Images                                                         
$75 Print Credit
Personal Use License

Customer Reviews:

“With her word and honesty being true, Nadine captured the beautiful elegance of the Big Alberta Mountains, turquoise water of Abraham Lake, and our story! She's great to work with, adventurous, and will travel to make your special day come true. Great job Nadine McKenney.” - Steph Rioux

Edarous Ismael (Marvelous Photographs)

Ed (Marvelous Photographs) stays away from posed photos. A family, lifestyle, and wedding/engagement photographer based in Calgary, he says what drives him is a desire to showcase all the chaotic yet wonderful moments in your family, full of love and emotions:

“Photography is a perfect way to express our appreciation for the special people we have in our lives. At Marvelous Photographs, we specialize in capturing candid moments and always aim to get effortless and natural images.”

Family Packages:

1 Hour Regular Session ($250 CAD)                                                      
2 Hour Extended Session ($350 CAD)

Photos: Marvelous Photographs
What's Included in a Family Session with Marvelous Photographs:                                                          

Regular Session:

30 High-Resolution Images
1 Hour of Photography Coverage
Online Gallery
Full Album Purchase and Printing Options Available

Extended Session: 

60 High-Resolution Images
2 Hours of Photography Coverage
Different Outfits and Locations
Online Gallery
Full Album Purchase and Printing Options Available

Customer Reviews:

“It was really great to choose Marvelous Photographs for our special event. They were kind people to communicate with. They did what we asked. It was a pretty professional thing. I recommend them to everybody who seeks a great photo experience.” - Mikail K

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