Top 10 most Instagrammable places in Vancouver, BC

Are you planning a trip to Vancouver, BC? Whether you want city, water, or nature views, there is something in this bustling city for everyone.

If you have never been to Vancouver and have no idea where to start, here is our list of the top 10 most Instagrammable places in Vancouver, BC, that you need to check out.

EXTENDED OUTDOOR PORTRAIT SESSION Photo by Ray Maichin Photography in Portrait Package, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Photo: Ray Maichin Photography in Vancouver, BC

1. Stanley Park

Stanley Park offers various stunning views and activities right by where all the action is happening: Downtown Vancouver. More specifically, near West End and Coal Harbour. 

Grad Day Memoir Session Photo by Mariana Jimenez Photography in Events Package, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Photo: Mariana Jimenez Photography in Vancouver, BC

Take a stroll or bike around the park, have a picnic at the beach or check out the Vancouver Aquarium (which will be reopening soon). There are endless things to do and places to stop for some photos along the way. 

Make sure to check back in at golden hour because the views by the water are breathtaking and demand at least a handful of photos!

2. Central Park 

Central Park Family Mini Session Photo by Hannah T. Photography in Family Package, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Photo: Hannah T. Photography in Vancouver, BC

For a peaceful atmosphere and gorgeous photos, Central Park is a must-visit. The green trees during summer (or the orange trees during autumn) in this park make for a great backdrop in your next photoshoot.

While at Central Park, you can go golfing, swim in the outdoor pool, or check out other attractions near Burnaby like the Playland at the PNE, the Capilano Suspension Bridge, and Burnaby Lake. 

3. Alley Oop

Add a pop of colour to your Instagram feed with some photos at Alley Oop, an urban alleyway in Downtown Vancouver along Seymour Street and between West Hastings and Dunsmuir. Thousands of Instagram posts are taken here with the colourful purple, orange, yellow, and pink background, and it's time to add yours to the mix! (Use the hashtag #AlleyOop)

While wandering down Alley Oop, browse what Hastings and Seymour Street offer, like local coffee shops, restaurants, and luxury stores. Or head down to the waterfront for beautiful harbour views.

4. Granville Island

Whether it's night or day, there is always something to do and places to see on Granville Island. Head over to Granville Island when their public market is in full swing and buy some goods (and take some sweet photos). Or, check out what Granville Island has to offer after hours like comedy clubs and bars.

Online Dating  Session Photo by Julie Doro Photography in Headshots Package, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Photo: Julie Doro Photography in Vancouver, BC

The harbour on Granville Island is a great opportunity to snap some pics of you and your family, or of you and your partner. And keep an eye out for all the little ferries that drive by, like False Creek Ferries. These ferries are a super fun way to get a scenic tour around the island, so we highly recommend doing so!

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5. Fun Alley

This alley sounds exactly like its name: Fun! The vibrant walls of this North Vancouver alley will immediately bring a smile to your face and make your hand itch to take out your camera. 

Artist Lukas Kasper and participants painted this rainbow splash alley as part of a program that provides youth to apprentice in the arts. It was the final canvas in the program and took 8 weeks to complete. Now, it's the most colourful alley in North Vancouver!

6. Capilano Suspension Bridge

Located in North Vancouver, this suspension bridge offers some great views of the water and forest from way up high. Sometimes you'll be walking above the white and blue waves of the rushing Capilano River or hovering over some Douglas Fir, Western Red Fir, and other native B.C. trees. The current bridge is 140 metres long, meaning there are plenty of Instagram-worthy areas to take a break.

7. Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park Golden Hour Full Maternity Session Photo by Hannah T. Photography in Newborn & Maternity Package, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Photo: Hannah T. Photography in Vancouver, BC

From green trees to flowering bushes to fountains, Queen Elizabeth Park has many places to pose for a photoshoot. It's no surprise this park is a popular location for weddings or engagement photos. Its beauty truly speaks for itself! This Park makes you forget you're in the city and have walked into a magical garden instead.

If you decide to check out Queen Elizabeth Park, make sure you explore the Bloedel Conservatory: A lush paradise beneath a glass dome. It's a buzzing spot for both tourists and residents alike.

8. The Bloedel Conservatory 

If you want to feel like you're in your very own slice of paradise, take a peek inside the Bloedel Conservatory. There are trees and flowers of all sorts, making even the rainiest of days seem bright.

Visit this conservatory at night for a spectacular view of the glass dome lit up from inside. The warm lights will make you feel like you're stepping into a fairy garden.

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9. Gastown

While you're wandering around this hotspot near Downtown Vancouver, keep an eye out for any celebrities that may be on or off-set. Gastown is a popular filming location. Some movies on its resume are The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Fifty Shades of Grey, and The NeverEnding Story.

May be a black-and-white image of outdoors and brick wall

Photo: Hannah T. Photography in Vancouver, BC

This Vancouver neighbourhood brings you back in time with its clocktower and dated light posts that line red brick streets filled with more red brick buildings. There's an endless number of charming areas to take solo or group photos!

10. Trout Lake

Trout Lake Family (Mini) Session Photo by Hannah T. Photography in Family Package, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Photo: Hannah T. Photography in Vancouver, BC

Take a dip in the blue waters of Trout Lake or rest on the several logs that sit on the sandy beach with the multicoloured trees surrounding you. 

During the fall time, the green trees across the lake explode with bright red and orange. You'll be compelled to take some photos here, and you'll probably see a handful of people doing the same! This is a beloved location for couple and family photo sessions.

Contemporary Family Session Photo by Hello There Photography in Family Package, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Photo: Hello There Photography in Vancouver, BC

You're all set! Now, you've got a list of the top places to visit and take photos in Vancouver, BC, from lakes to colourful alleyways.

Hold on tight to the memories you'll make and the places you'll see, and hire a photographer through Focal to help you do so. These photographers know the hidden gems in each famous spot on this list, and they will help you capture your memories beautifully.

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