How to Write an "About Me" Bio for your Wedding Photography Website and Bio Examples to Inspire You

Why do I need a Bio on my photography website?

You’re a professional photographer, you excel at telling stories and making others the center of attention. 

Which means that you’re probably a lot more comfortable in front of the camera than in front of one! 

You might be thinking “I don’t need to talk about myself on my wedding photography website, my work should speak for itself”. 

However, the truth is that clients need to connect with you as much as they connect with your photos if they’re going to be comfortable in front of your camera on their big day.

That’s why it’s so important that you write a bio on your website that conveys who you are and your value as a wedding photographer. It’s also critical that you include photos of yourself, your family and your life! As humans, it’s difficult to feel connected to someone without seeing their face. Therefore, consider getting out of your comfort zone and taking a turn in front of the camera.

If you’re looking to grow your photography business and get more inquiries from clients through your website, don’t make the mistake of missing an About Me Bio. 

To inspire you and give you the push you need to to get an About Me Bio on your website, the team at Focal has compiled 10 amazing About Me Bio examples from some outstanding photographers to inspire you.

How to Write an "About Me" Bio for your Wedding Photography Website

Writing an "About Me" Bio doesn't need to be hard. We know that as an artist it's easy to suffer from Perfection Paralysis. That's why it's best to just start putting ideas down on a page. Here's our 3 step guide for How to Write an "About Me" Bio for your Wedding Photography Website:

  1. Start with introducing yourself and write as if you're speaking to potential brides & grooms!
  2. Share your WHY and tell everyone why you love being a wedding photographer. Maybe even dig back to what got you started in photography in the first place!
  3. Convey your unique value! Tell clients what you specialize in and bring to the table above other photographers! Need inspiration? Try reading some of your past client reviews. You might be surprised at what clients value most about you as a photographer!

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Need More Inspo? Check out these "About Me" Bio Examples from our Favourite Wedding Photographers to Inspire You:

  1. Nicole Ashley - Wedding & Boudoir Photographer - Edmonton, AB - - International Portrait & Wedding Photographer »Ambassador for @canoncanada
Welcome! My name is Nicole and I am an international portrait and wedding photographer.
One of the best compliments I get from clients is that they feel like they've known me forever after a session.
I have been shooting professionally for almost 10 years and my work has taken me all over the world.
I have met so many incredible humans because of this career and I still cannot believe my art allows me to create family heirlooms for others.
I'm so happy you are here.
I'm so glad you're here!
Nicole is my first name, Ashley is my middle.
I was lucky enough to marry my best friend, Jon. He is an incredible artist, father and all around amazing human being.,We are fairly new parents to our baby girl, Charlie. She is our world. Life is so much better because she is here. Blanche is our sweet cat that you will see all over my insta stories. She thinks she is a dog/baby and we definitely do not mind all the snuggles.
I am a proud Canon Canada Ambassador. Coffee is the first thing I think about when I wake up. I drink copious amounts of it every day. Helping to educate and mentor other artists has become a passion of mine and I love seeing the photography community grow.
I have a Bachelor's of Education degree and I love that being an educator in the photo community allows me to use it daily. One of the best compliments I get from clients is that they feel like they've known me forever after a session.
I am incredibly sarcastic...ask anyone. I see the world in photographs. I can't turn it off. My photo team keeps me sane and incredibly inspired.
I have been working with Janna from Behind the Blush for almost 9 years! I am so fortunate that I get to work with her on a daily basis & that she gets invited to join me for almost all of my travels all over the world.
Janna is often seen on my social media & plays several roles within the company. Whether it be professional hair & makeup, styling, & even performing as a wedding commissioner- she wears several hats and is a huge asset to my business.​ She is also hands down the funniest person you will ever meet.
  1. Lindsay Coulter - Wedding, Family & Commercial Photographer - Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario - - 🇨🇦 Named 1 of the Most InspiringWedding Photographers in Canada
Welcome to the home of Lindsay Coulter Photography.
If you're here we already have something in common - we both love beautiful things.
This site is a culmination of a lot of love - from the hundreds of couples I've worked with on their wedding to the families welcoming their first baby, there's so much love in these pages and I'm so excited to share it with you.
Let's create something beautiful together.
I am a firm believer that if you’re going to do anything, you should do it with passion.
I live on a diet of champagne and M&M peanuts.
I love going out for a cocktail or staying in cuddled up with a tea and my bulldog.
I love the outdoors; if I could live anywhere in the world it would be in either a beach house in Malibu or a cabin in the Pacific Northwest.
I love finding the beauty in the smallest details, capturing a glance, a laugh, and a moment.

For me, photography is about looking back on a moment in time and remembering exactly how you felt. When you look at a photo of your first kiss, first dance, or a candid moment from your reception – I want you to be taken back to your special day, even if twenty years have gone by, and remember exactly why you married your husband or wife.
Personally & professionally, I believe in inclusion and equality. I offer my photography and friendship to everyone, regardless of religion, race, gender identity or sexual orientation. LGBTQ2sIA+ couples are always welcomed.
Take your time and look around, I can’t wait to meet you!
  1. Taylor Jackson Canadian Travel and Wedding Photographer - Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario - - 593K Youtube Subs
I’m Taylor Jackson
My love for photography started with music, photographing the bands I loved.
Eventually, friends started getting married and they didn't want to hire a typical wedding photographer.
It's when you're being yourself and forget all about the camera. It's all of those in between moments. Not planned. Not posed. Just real moments captured in the most beautiful way possible
I have been a photographer in the Kitchener-Waterloo area for over 15 years.
My journey started in music photography, photographing the bands I loved. Eventually, friends started getting married.
They didn't want to hire a typical wedding photographer. They just wanted to live their day, and have someone make it look incredible.
Over 90% of my wedding days are entirely candid.
First photographer in the world to offer both photography and highlight film coverage as one person.
80% of couples hire me for both photography and video.
Married to the beautiful Lindsay Coulter.
Have taught over 10,000 photographers all around the world how to take better pictures, and make better videos.
Has a strange obsession with pandas and tacos.
I became a professional photographer when American Idol used one of my images on Season 2 in 2003.
I host a photography+travel show called, A Photographer In.
I've photographed over 600 weddings in the local Kitchener-Waterloo area over the past 15 years.
I have been in over 40 different wedding and photography magazines all around the world.
Photographed Rick Campanelli's (aka Rick The Temp) wedding.
Photographed on every continent (including Antarctica) last year.
Voted Most Inspiring Canadian Wedding Photographer by WeddingBells Magazine.
Preferred vendor at: Langdon Hall, Hacienda Sarria, Whistle Bear, Cambridge Mill, and Elora Mill.
Father to an Olde English Bulldog named Richard.
Started the GoPro on the Tequila Bottle trend in 2013.
I host a Kitchener-Waterloo based food show with Nick Benninger (Owner of Taco Farm, Harmony Lunch, Marbles and Uptown21)
Favourite places in the world: Queenstown, New Zealand. Tokyo, Japan. Antarctic Penninsula, Antarctica.

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