How Focal Marketplace is different from other photographer directories

As a photographer, finding clients is a constant priority — which is why joining a photography directory might seem like an easy way to get your name out. But let’s be frank: many of the big-name directories don’t treat photographers very well. They control your work, or they charge too much, and they aren’t about connecting you with the right clients for your business.

That’s why with Focal, we set out to create a marketplace where the focus is on you.

Many directories treat photographers like contractors — not artists. They set the pricing of your photoshoots. Some even edit the photos, stripping away any of the vision you had when you composed your shots. Some don't even let you keep your branding; instead, you're there to build the company's brand — because the customers think they're booking with the directory, not your business.

Credit: Tasha Knight Photography + Design

There are other directories that charge you for the privilege of seeing who’s interested in booking you — and getting seen becomes a competition of who’s willing to pay for prime placement.

Too often, these directories end up feeling like a race to the bottom where you’re only attracting price-shopping clients. You might get a booking, but it won’t be with the kind of ideal client who's right for you.

You want to feel valued — not treated like a commodity — which is why at Focal, we're doing things differently. Our vision is to create a marketplace that is as good for photographers as it is for customers

Credit: Ooh Ooh Darling, Photography

We believe in creating a fair marketplace where your success is based on your photography — not how much you’ve paid for placement, how many social media followers you have, or how much you’ve fiddled with SEO to appear at the top of search results.

How will we do that?

Getting started on the Focal Marketplace is completely free. Simply register, create packages, and your work will be there for customers to discover.

You have complete control over your packages and pricing. You dictate the shoots you offer. Want to offer a bluebonnet mini session, or fitness branding, or a horse and rider equine session? Go for it. Get creative!

Credit: Olivia Danielle Photography

Our algorithm for listings on the Focal Marketplace is designed to help you reach your ideal clients — the ones who laugh at all your jokes and feel more like friends than customers. The closer you are to a customer’s specified location, the higher you’ll appear in their search results. Those results are further refined by the type of photoshoot they’re looking for. (If you’re a lifestyle and family photographer, there’s no reason a commercial product photographer should appear above you.)

Why are we doing it for free?

Focal exists to empower photographers and connect them with the right clients. We do this through our free Business Accelerator program as well — but we aspire to make a greater impact across the industry. We also know financially difficult the last year has been for many photographers. We want to help photographers rebound and find their footing — which is why we've opened the Marketplace from a paid feature to being free for all photographers.

The Focal Marketplace is currently in its beta stage. We're continuing to add new features. We'll also be expanding across North America throughout the coming months.

Pre-register now, and you'll be the first on the market when we launch in your city. Plus, gain access to our powerful suite of booking tools for your business.

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