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This headshot package is for those looking to stand out from the crowd. I believe the best portraits reveal themselves when there is feeling of connection, ease, and freedom to play. This is why my headshot/portrait sessions are listed at an hour. Busy executive with only 15 minutes to spare? No problem, I've made hundreds of portraits in under ten minutes but it's nice to know you can stay longer if you find yourself really getting into it. I can produce professional results anywhere, in my studio, on the beach or at your place of work. I'm equally comfortable with natural and studio lighting and my personal style is to augment natural lighting with a hint of flash or reflector for a bold look.


Can I just have ALL the images? Yes, however you will need to pay for each one.


7 days before the shoot date & time: 100% refundBetween 7 days and 24 hours before the shoot date & time: 50% refundLess than 24 hours before the shoot date & time: no refundBooking is considered cancelled when the client messages the photographer in writing Shoot may be extended with mutual consent. The possibility of an extended shoot should be discussed beforehand. The hourly package rate will apply. Reshoots can be arranged at a cost of 50% of the hourly package rate. Commercial Use Licence: same as the Personal Use Licence plus permission for the client to use the Photographic Work to promote their business. Photoshoots will typically take place rain or shine. For outdoor shoots, an agreed alternate location may be planned in advance.Shoots will only be cancelled and a full refund given in the most extreme circumstances. If the shoot can be rescheduled there will be no additional fees for the customer. Makeup Artist - $150 Payment in full at the time of booking. Payments may be made by credit card upon receiving an invoice.

Greg Samborski Photography's Commercial Headshot Headshot Photo


Here's how it usually goes-You suggest a few dates dates and times that could work-I confirm a date and time-You make a 50% deposit to secure the session-We discuss the purpose of the headshots, how they will be used and the look you desire, if you need hair/makeup help etc-We confirm a location and concept-We meet, shoot, make a ton of great photos and probably talk about food at some point-I send you a link to a private viewing gallery within 3 days-You select your favourite images and let me know any specific editing requests-I edit your selections and email you a link to download the full resolution JPGs-Everyone LOVE your new headshot!!! (You actually turn off the notifications there are so many)


Coming soon!

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Greg Samborski
Greg Samborski Photography
Headshot Photographer Victoria, BC

Becoming a photographer happened very organically for me. After getting my BA in Criminal Justice from Camosun I moved to South Korea to teach English and pay back a pile of student loans. I documented the quirkiness of everyday life there and more I shared, the more people told me I should try selling my photos. So I did, and they sold quite well on Getty. One day a friend of a friend asked if I did family sessions, I had never tried but always enjoyed something new. And that's where it all began for me. I created a website, shared my shoots and quit my university teaching job to work with families, couples, artists, magazines, and global corporations like Netflix, Chanel and The Four Seasons. If anything defines my photography it is diversity. I've shot staff portraits, food and architecture for The Four Seasons Hotel on Tuesday and then captured an an engagement session at the palace the next day. I adore learning and I think my ability to shoot all styles of photography makes me a more capable photographer. COMMERCIAL CLIENTS Chanel, Netflix, Google, Four Seasons, Lancome Paris, Rolling Stone, Bobby Brown, Samsung, Dior, DBS, American Express, Airbnb, The Economist, MCI,, Eastdil Secured, Schroders, Turkish Airlines

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Headshot Photography Victoria, BC

Marlboro Wang Photo's In Studio Corporate Headshot Photo
Marlboro Wang Photo's In Studio Corporate Headshot profile photo

Marlboro Wang

Headshot Photography Victoria, BC

Marlboro Wang Photo's In Studio Corporate Headshot

$ 350

First impressions are everything! To make a headshot yell hire me is not a easy job. It involves not only the technical aspect of photography, it also requires the clients to present their best self! Sounds hard enough? In my studio, the clients are always happy with the result, so they keep telling their friends. I welcome my clients into the studio and I keep talking to them so they are relaxed and not just thinking about the headshot. Than I would ask them to sit in a chair where the lighting is al setup and tested. I also have a computer screen that will display the photo as I take it. Than I will start to give them tips on their posture such as drop their shoulder, cross their arms, or lean forward. By now, only 50% of the job is done. The other 50% is to bring out the best smile! To achieve this, I will keep encouraging my client and give them tips on how to improve. I am also looking at the photos with my client to find out what they like and don't like. Step by step, I am leading my client to not only smile with their mouth, but also smile with their eyes. Sounds like it's going to take forever! No, I only need 30 minutes of your time and you can pick from a variety of angles and different outfit as well. You need your photo right away? No problem, with a rush fee, your headshot will be ready in 48 hours!

Vlad Vasnetsov Photography's Headshot or Personal Branding Session Photo
Vlad Vasnetsov Photography's Headshot or Personal Branding Session profile photo

Vlad Vasnetsov

Headshot Photography Victoria, BC

Vlad Vasnetsov Photography's Headshot or Personal Branding Session

$ 350

A Headshot or Personal Branding session is about you looking and feeling your best. I strive to capture photos you'll cherish for years -- whether you're looking to mark a graduation, update your resume, or simply treat yourself. It's my mission to deliver a top-notch experience from the time you book until the moment you receive your photos. If you're looking for stunning portraits at a modest price, this is the package you're looking for. This package includes:10 high-resolution digitally retouched photographs (PhotoShop retouching) 10 additional high-resolution digitally edited photographs (LightRoom corrections)

Jon-Mark Photography's Professional Headshots Photo
Jon-Mark Photography's Professional Headshots profile photo

Jon-Mark Wiltshire

Headshot Photography Victoria, BC

Jon-Mark Photography's Professional Headshots

$ 350

What does your headshot say about your business? Put your best foot forward with a professional, up to date headshot. This session takes approximately 15 minutes at my Esquimalt studio and includes 1 lighting look with 1 outfit. 1 high resolution retouched file with no watermark and full commercial usage rights is included with the session and additional photos can be purchased for $50 apiece. We will shoot tethered to my laptop in the studio so you can immediately see what we're getting and we can make adjustments to your pose and expression to ensure that you get an image that you love. Choose from a selection of seamless backdrop colours including white, grey, black, blue, orange, rose, pink, or we can use the area outside my studio as shown in the second to last image in this package, or the space and furniture in my studio to get a little more depth in the background as shown in the final image in this package. You can either choose your image(s) on the laptop at the end of your session or be sent an online proof gallery from where you can choose your image(s). Final payment will be due upon selection of your image(s) and in most circumstances images will be delivered within 7 days of your final payment unless otherwise specified.

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