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Are customers constantly asking you: How much does it cost? What do I get?

Lachlan Shum

Co-Founder, CEO of Focal

It’s a common issue in photography, but the answer is simple: a customer can't buy something until they know what you’re offering.

Now, you’re probably thinking: but I have my prices listed right on my website.

But if that’s all you are listing — X number of photos, X number of hours for $Y — you’re doing your work a disservice.

Imagine you walk into a car dealership and the salesperson says, “here’s a car with 150 horsepower, four doors and a steering wheel. Now here’s what it costs.” Sure, it’s something, but what kind of an impression does that leave? Where’s the fun stuff? How is it going to make you feel? How did they design the car to kick ass, make you feel amazing, and get you home safely?

As a photographer, you’re selling an experience — not X number of photos. Your packages need to instill that experience in your customers’ minds. You want them to imagine what it will be like to book that package with you. You want them to get excited about the shoot — from your approach to lighting, to your winning personality, to the way you direct them in front of the camera.

That’s why Focal helps you build detailed, ready-to-book packages so your clients don’t have to ask “how much,” or “what will the shoot be like?” (And you don’t have to answer the same repeated inquiries.) Our Packages showcase your work in a way that wins customers over, by giving them what they want to know - so they don't have to ask. They're just ready to book.

Elevate your photography business

Build packages that sell, create client booking pages, and take payments - all in one place

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Give customers the information they want

We designed Focal's Booking System to integrate seamlessly with your website, Instagram, or Facebook, so clients can easily browse your packages and find the one that is right for them

Save hours of answering the same repeated inquiries

Control your brand with easy, ready-to-book packages that interface seamlessly with your website, facebook or instagram.

Increase your booking conversion by up to 85%

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Showcase your work with stunning packages

Focal's packages are designed to sell.
By anticipating clients' questions such as pricing, policies, and FAQs, and building them into our rich photoshoot package pages, bookings typically take 2 emails instead of 30.

Take control of your photoshoot packages through the Focal Dashboard

Categorize your packages so customers only see what they're looking for (e.g. weddings or headshots)

Integrate Google or Facebook Reviews to show off those raving testimonials

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Create seamless and professional client booking pages

No more chasing down clients to pay you! Focal's client booking pages are professional and show you mean business. Payments are typically made within 1 day of receiving Focal invoices.

Send off a booking in minutes

Set the date, time, and meeting place and then send clients a public booking link so they aren't digging through their emails

Fully automated booking, email notifications, and customizable checkout

Payments directly routed to your bank account, including financial tracking and management

Calls to Action & Payment Policies right on your booking page encourage customers to pay on-time

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Attract your ideal clients through the Marketplace

Every portfolio and package you publish gets featured on the marketplace

Get discovered by your ideal clients

Grow your business and brand

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Elevate your photography business

Build client booking pages with Focal

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Being a photographer is easier with Focal


Focal's really great, because when I first [moved to Victoria], I didn't know anybody. After meeting Lachlan and the team, I was inspired. They've been really warm and welcoming and just always there.



I am sure Focal is the future. Everything is clearly laid out and easy for customers to book. Customers can find what they're looking for in minutes or less. It’s also so convenient because instead of writing emails explaining stuff and usually confusing the customer, Focal answers all their questions for me and some more.



Focal has given me the chance to connect not just with clients, but within the photography community. It’s been amazing to be so supported by a dedicated and passion-fuelled team. Focal sees the value in photographers and are always committed to delivering incredible experiences to their clients. I love being a part of that!


We want to see you succeed.

At Focal, we truly value you as a photographer. We empathize that in order to pursue your passion, you have to wear a lot of different hats. From small business owner, to salesperson, to artist or accountant, our goal is help you lighten the load. That's why we offer a number of support services to our users to help ensure you succeed and feel empowered as an artist and entrepreneur.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We really don't want your money unless you are getting good value out of our product. If, at any time, you feel Focal isn't delivering on its promises, we will refund your subscription or extend your free trial until we can change your mind.

Portfolio and Package Curation

We want you to be able to show off your best work with Focal, but we know that sometimes it can be hard writing about yourself and what you do. That's why our team of talented writers are here to give you a helping hand and ensure your portfolio conveys your value as a photographer.

Hands-On Support

We aren't like other companies that are going to leave you with a 200-page instruction manual and expect you to figure it out. Our team is always excited to jump on a Zoom call or reply to your Instagram DMs. We'll happily show you how to get Focal working the way you want for your business.


Because everyone can use a little help from their friends.

Focal University

The blog where photography meets business


One-on-One Mentorship

Mentoring from seasoned photographers


Professional Presets

Tailored Lightroom presets to level-up your photos



Let's answer some of your questions

What happens when I schedule a demo?

Our demo calls usually go 30-45 minutes. We want to get to know you and your business before we explore how Focal could improve your workflow. Once we've introduced ourselves, we'll take you through a demo of the platform to show you exactly how you would set up your portfolio, connect it to your website, and take bookings. Then, if you're ready to sign up, we'll apply a free trial of the Partner plan and take you through the registration process step-by-step. Most photographers get their Focal Portfolios set up and integrated into their website the same day and are taking bookings by the evening.

I already have an investments page on my website. How is Focal different?

We’ve designed our packages and portfolios to go beyond the usual “X number of photos for $Y” formula. We feel it’s missing a major piece of the picture: telling your story as a photographer — and in turn, conveying value. What makes you special as a photographer? What do you do that nobody else can do? We’ve built our packages to put your story front and center.

Imagine you’re shopping for a camper van. The first three places you visit list only the price and the miles per gallon. But then you come to a lot where the salesperson takes you into an RV, makes a fist, and punches the roof. They tell you how the RV was built to withstand heavy snowfall during the winter. The roof is stronger and more durable than other models. Which camper van are you going to remember?

Which Focal plan is for me: Starter or Partner?

We designed the Focal Starter plan to be an end-to-end solution for newer photographers looking for a professional system to start commercializing their business. It includes all the tools you would need to start offering and booking shoots — and is so simple you can get set up in a day.

Our Partner plan is geared toward seasoned photographers who are booking more than $500 in shoots per month. It allows you to take full control of your branding by using your own custom domain and includes a Focal Marketplace listing so your dream clients can find you.

How does Focal help me book more clients?

Instead of being ghosted after sending your prices, or having customers visit your website and bouncing, Focal provides you with tools to convert more of those leads. Our portfolios and packages focus on what make you unique as a photographer — a formula that leads to better matches with your clients and happier, long-term customers.

How does the Marketplace work?

The Focal Marketplace is an extremely powerful tool for acquiring new clients. Imagine for a second you're travelling with your family to visit your grandparents who live in another city. Last minute, you realize that this would be a great opportunity to get some family photos of everyone together. You quickly go on Google and start searching "family photographers in X city." But after 20 minutes of searching and ten different websites, you still can't figure out how much it'll cost, what each photographer offers, and how any of them are different from the rest. Then you land on the Focal Marketplace.

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