Your photography business is a store, not an art gallery

February 5, 2021

The worst mistake a photographer can make is to treat their business like an art gallery and not a store. Essentially, not treating their business like an actual business. 

This is the fundamental mistake almost every business owner falls victim to (especially those who are creatives first and businesspeople second), so don’t worry if you fell prey to this mistake. It’s common, but now that you know you are making this mistake, it is time to correct it. Now.

At Focal, this analogy of your website being a store and not an art gallery is tossed around a lot because it perfectly captures how a business is treated when it isn’t treated like a business at all. When it seems like a photographer is displaying their photos for fun rather than trying to actually sell something.

Take a look at your photography website. Do you have packages? Are your packages segmented? Do you have detailed package descriptions? Do you list your prices? 

If the answer is no to any of these questions, you are treating your photography business like an art gallery --not a store.

But don’t worry, it is easy to fix this. 

Here are the 4 steps to treating your photography business like a store:

1. Create Package Categories

Naomi Maya's Wedding & Engagement Packages (using Focal)

By separating your packages by the type of photography they fall under (family, engagement, newborn, etc.), it is much easier for your clients to figure out if you offer what they want. It just keeps things organized and professional, especially when a client DMs or emails you asking if you offer any family packages. In this case, if your packages are separated by category, you can drop a link to the entire family category and they can browse your packages --just like a store! They don’t have to filter through the wedding and newborn and senior packages, only to finally find the family packages at the bottom. Instead, it is right there and easy for them to explore. 

2. Write Detailed Package Descriptions

Christin Carruthers' Family Mini Session Description

The goal for your photography packages is that you sell them, therefore, you should do everything you can to convince inquiring clients that this is the package for them. A detailed package description is the key to doing this because you should describe what the session would be like from start to finish. This allows your client to be able to envision what the shoot would be like, and see themselves in it. You want them to be confident that this is the right package for them and avoid any hesitation or dissatisfaction during the shoot.

But what ingredients make a package description that good?

3. List Your Prices

Some photographers choose not to list their prices because they don’t need to! Their ideal clients are willing to pay however much to get photos taken by them and that is awesome. However, if you are not in the boat (which is totally fine!), then I would highly recommend listing your prices.

When you don’t list your prices, your packages seem intangible to inquiring clients. Some people might ask about your prices, but others will feel uncomfortable if you ask, only to realize you are way out of their price range. You might not realize it, but it can take a hit to their self-esteem if they have to admit you are too pricey for them. That is why you should list your prices and avoid that awkwardness altogether!

4. Include Call-to-Actions

Photo by: Marlboro Wang Photography

The final step to treating your business like a store and not an art gallery is to make it easy for clients to book you by including call-to-actions on your package or investment page. This means having a button or two that says “BOOK NOW” or “CONTACT ME.” The worst thing you can do is spend all this time crafting a descriptive and informative package, only to have no direct way for your client to book you. Your goal with your website is to ensure it is so simple for someone to book you that a dog could do it! Don’t leave your email address somewhere on your website for your client to find, add a call-to-action and make both your lives easier.

Now that you know how to treat your business like a store, and not an art gallery, you can take action! Head to your website now and create descriptive packages, list your prices, and make it easy for your clients to book you. Think of your business like Amazon: you expect to see product descriptions, product photos, prices, and reviews. Your client shouldn’t have to do all the research if they don’t want to, the information they want and need should be displayed on your website for them to navigate --just like any store. That way, they will feel like you offer tangible products that they can buy, not just pretty pictures up for display.

Want attractive and professional looking packages for your store? Focal’s Portfolio and Package templates make it easy to convey information to your clients and for them to book you. Click the button below to explore our features!

Focal's Portfolio & Booking System

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