Why you need to book yourself a portrait session

Hiring a photographer is seen as an investment, commonly reserved for special occasions; weddings, graduations, families, etc. Many people wait to hire a photographer until one of those ‘special occasions’ happens in their life and those moments are amazing, but guess what? You deserve to be celebrated just as much! 

We believe that it is important to have your portrait made at least once because why should you settle for cell phone selfies? Having said that, we have compiled a list of reasons why you should book yourself a portrait session.  

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Everybody has ‘off days’ where they feel drained or not at their best. Coming in front of a camera by yourself with a photographer who is taking photos of only YOU, and all your perceived ‘flaws’ may be too intimidating to handle. But, we're here to tell you that not only can you handle it, but you’ll also come out feeling more empowered because let’s face it there’s nothing better than facing your insecurities head-on!

Your photographer is dedicated to you during that entire session and that means they will bring out the best in you, everything that makes you so unique! Having a well-seasoned photographer will help even the most camera-shy people, with guidance and direction you will see yourself in the same light that others see you! 

Photo: Dawning Photos
Photo: Sterling Rose Art

Self Expression

“A picture is worth a thousand words” Every single person has lived a life that is unique to them and there are numerous possibilities of telling your story. One that shouldn’t be overlooked is the simplicity of a photograph and the ability it has to share a glimpse of your soul with the world. 

This session is dedicated to YOU and you decide how you will be seen in your portraits. Just went through a difficult period in your life? Craft a session that shows how you rose above. Feeling sexy? Organize a boudoir session that memorializes that confidence. Creating these momentous photographs allows you to express what you may not be able to put into words.

Photo: Dialed In Portraits

You will never be where you are now 

You will never be as young or as old as you are right now. But this isn’t a bad thing. Sure living in the now is stellar advice, but, there may come a time when you want to mentally relive a past memory, experience or feeling. Having portraits taken of yourself is not only great for you now, but, they will serve as a reminder years from now about certain parts of your life and who you were throughout the many stages of your life.


This is a standard yet very necessary reason to have your portrait taken. Whether you want to spice up your dating/profile picture or have professional pictures for that job you have been looking forward to, a portrait photographer will work beside you every step of the way.

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Photo: Hello There Photography

It is so much fun!  

I mean, honestly who doesn’t like looking their best and being showered with attention for the day! A great photographer has the ability to break down those nerves and before you even know it the time flew by and you're left with a huge grin on your face. 

Photo: Vlad Vasnetsov Photography

There is no time like the present. Don’t wait for some big, momentous occasion, you deserve to be celebrated just as much. These portraits will be a priceless treasure for you and your loved ones for years to come.  

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