Top 6 locations for your next family photoshoot in Calgary, AB

Calgarians are thriving with the amount of gorgeous scenery we are surrounded by. When it comes to having an abundance of incredible locations to take family photos, we have no shortage. 

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With so much beauty throughout the city it can be difficult to decide where you want your family's special moments captured. We compiled a list of eye-catching options in and around the city to juice up your next family photoshoot. 

Baker Park 

Baker Park is a spacious 12-hectare park on the bank of the Bow River in the west edge of Calgary. It’s perfect in every season, especially fall. This quiet and groomed piece of paradise is surrounded by tall trees, enclosed by lovely pathways, river access, small artful structures and is famous in Calgary for birding. Great for families with younger children or seniors as it is not a long walk. 

Photos: Sarah Murdoch (Modern Photography)

Nose Hill Park

Nose Hill Park is the fourth-largest urban park in Canada, covering over 11 square kilometres. With numerous hiking trails, it is also home to the gorgeous trembling aspen tree, which has graced more than a few Instagram posts. Nose Hill Park got its name because the rolling hills resemble a nose (you might have to use your imagination to spot the resemblance); the hills are perfect for sunset photography sessions. 

Pro tip: the south side of Nose Hill Park is amazing if you want to sprinkle a little Calgarian love into your family photos as it offers a fantastic view of Calgary’s downtown.  

Photos: Sarah Murdoch (Modern Photography)

Fish Creek Park

Fish Creek is a provincial park and one of Canada's largest urban parks. With an abundance of hiking trails to choose from (try Glennfield and Votier’s Flats), you’ll find open fields, water access and beautiful trees.

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Be sure to plan in advance what kind of setting you're going for because there are tons of starting points across the park. If you want a rustic family photo, the Bow Valley Ranch is perfect. 

Photos: Haley Skof Photography

Confederation Park

Calgary's Confederation Park is a stunning park in the northwest. With curved wooden bridges, large trees, ponds, a gorgeous creek, and wetlands, Confederation Park is a family favourite as it offers a variety of scenery for photography sessions. 

Photo: Stephanie Couture Photography

Edworthy Park

Edworthy Park is located in the southwest of Calgary. Nestled in a valley along the Bow River, there are lots of spots where you can pop down to the river and dip your toes in.

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Edworthy Park is known in Calgary for its big hills and massive trees with picnic areas littered throughout. There are no shortage of trails to explore in this park on your family photoshoot, the most popular one being the Douglas Fir Trail, a 2.5 km long out-and-back hike that takes you through beautiful Douglas trees. 

Photo: Sarah Murdoch (Modern Photography)

Carburn Park

Carburn Park is a very large natural area that lies right along the Bow River. It’s commonly known as a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city. It features three man-made ponds, tons of greenery and numerous wildlife and wildflowers. Carburn Park is quiet with several walking trials, perfect for fall when the pathways are covered by colourful leaves. 

Photo: Sarah Murdoch (Modern Photography)

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