The secret to finding ideal clients

It’s common to want more clients as a photographer, however, it’s important to not just strive for any client, but ideal clients.

And yes, there is a secret to achieving this! It’s something so simple that you can implement it right after reading this post in order to start attracting the right clients for you. Not only that, but it will transform your business into something much more professional and user-friendly which is essential not just for photographers but any businessperson.

So, what's this big secret?

The secret to finding ideal clients as a photographer is to identify what makes you different from other photographers and to then tell that to your clients.

Photo by: Marlboro Wang Photography

What makes you different from other photographers? Do you use big, bright studio lights and direct your clients through a series of poses? Or do you let things happen naturally with your client or between your clients, capturing those organic moments? Do you bring fun props for your clients' kids to play with during the shoot? Or do you always choose locations that are kid-friendly?

Figure out what separates you from the photographer next door and write it down on a piece of paper so you have it right there to look at and remind yourself of.

If you’re having trouble identifying what makes you unique, check out our blog post all about finding your unique value proposition as a photographer HERE.

The next step is to convey this difference to your clients.

It is essential to convey this difference to your clients because it is one thing for you to understand how you’re different from other photographers, but that doesn’t help you find ideal clients. You have to be able to tell your clients why you’re different because otherwise, how will they know you’re the right photographer for them? 

Photo by: Marlboro Wang Photography

Imagine this: a client stumbles across your website and sees that you have an in-depth description of what a session with you is like. They see that you like to use bright studio lights and staged poses and unfortunately, that’s not what they are looking for. But that’s okay! Since you explained on your session page the type of photographer you are, and what your style is like, they were able to visualize their session with you and realize it is not for them. This saves the both of you time, energy and frustration because imagine how inconvenient it would be for them to realize this mid-session! That is why it is so important to convey your unique value proposition to your clients, as well as just describe what your sessions look like overall. 

How can you convey what makes you different from other photographers?

  1. Describe it on your session pages, pricing pages, and even “About Me” page.
  2. Convey it on your social media platforms in your captions and bio.
  3. Answer FAQs by clients and list the answers on your website.
  4. Don’t just rely on your photos to showcase your skills, use your words!

Photo by: Jon Mark Photography


Remember, it is not enough to just know what makes you different from other photographers. It’s not even enough to convey that difference to your clients after they book you. In order to find ideal clients you have to lay out all the details on your website for them to find and engage with. You have to tell them through words, not just photos, about what it is like to have a session with you and what your current clients come back to you for. 

Focal’s Portfolio & Package Templates encourage you to just this: convey your value in an easy-to-understand way. Check out our pricing and features and start conveying your unique value proposition today!

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