"Show your value as a photographer": Focal on the Capture Crew Podcast

December 17, 2020

New podcast alert! The good folks over at Capture Crew invited our CEO & Founder, Lachlan Shum, to talk about conveying value as a photographer and attracting ideal clients. It’s a wide-ranging discussion, and co-hosts Christora Osters and Tom Russo -- both wedding photographers themselves -- offer plenty of wisdom throughout the episode, from getting a clear sense of your customers’ wants to harnessing the benefits of reviews on your website.

Want to jump ahead to the juicy bits? We’ve got you covered:

1:15: How Canadian winters and RV sales relate to growing a photography business

3:27: Traps that photographers fall into when selling their work

5:13: The inspiration behind Focal

8:37: Why too many photographers’ websites are like empty shoe stores

13:55: How to put yourself into your customers’ shoes as a photographer

16:06: The importance of identifying your ideal client and speaking to them

17:59: How Focal integrates with your photography business

21:08: Focal’s expansion into the United States

23:27: How to create packages that customers will desire

28:42: What makes a photographer stand out to their clients

30:38: The importance of customer reviews

33:13: Setting a price point as a photographer

"Value. It’s what drives our ideal clients to us. But what does value really mean and how can we create that without meeting face-to-face with our clients?” - Capture Crew
“Customers can’t value something unless they know what’s different about it.” - Lachlan Shum (CEO & Founder, Focal Inc.)

(Psst… Listen through to the end and find a special deal for Focal.)

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