Not-a-Conference Maui 2023 recap!

Not-a-Conference Maui was everything we could have dreamed of and more. Nothing compares to the exciting adventure Maui presents; waking up to the sound of wild roosters each morning, walking down to the ocean at lunch to catch a glimpse of the majestic sea turtles, taking pictures of the countless rainbows after brief sun showers, drinking a crisp glass of POG (passion orange guava juice) at the end of a successful day, and the ultimate experience of bringing 50 photographers together with the shared interest of bettering themselves as artists and business owners. Joined by world-renowned photography educators; Taylor Jackson,Lindsay Coulter, Sam Hurd, Nicole Ashley, Scott Robert Lim, and Caroline Tran, our attendees were in for a great time while gaining invaluable insight on how to run a successful photography business.

Stunning Views From The Maui Pineapple Chapel | Photo By Liam Good Visuals

Focal University (Day 0) of Not-a-Conference was focused on classroom-style learning where our Focal University students learned about personal branding, marketing funnels, editing workflows, and running your destination photography business profitably. By the end of Focal University, our attendees were stacked with the skills needed to successfully market themselves, provide an excellent client experience, and run their businesses profitably and efficiently in order to achieve their desired work-life balance. We recognize that this would be dangerously close to becoming a conference if we only did classroom-style learning, so, in true Not-a-Conference fashion, Nicole Ashley led a midday mermaid photoshoot, thoughtfully designed and executed by our stylist and set team Fabloomosity and Behind The Blush.

The NAC Maui Squad | Photo By Jacob Clark From Roam Creative

After soaking up so much information about the business side of photography during Focal University it was time for our attendees to get to work alongside our mentors. On Day 1, at the Maui Pineapple Chapel, we got to learn first-hand how to approach different lighting situations and pose their clients. Attendees worked alongside Sam Hurd, Scott Robert Lim, and Nicole Ashley rotating through eight different sets, including wedding, couples, and portrait shoots. At lunch we were joined by Maui local Melissa Whittington, who was kind enough to share some very important information about how we can be respectful to the island and its people.

On Day 2 our attendees started their morning at the Maui Pineapple Chapel, working alongside Lindsay Coulter, Sam Hurd, Nicole Ashley, and Scott Robert Lim. At lunch Lindsay Coulter took on some brave volunteers for website critiques (also referred to by many as a website roasts), where Lindsay picked apart areas where their website slayed, and areas where they could use some updates. Everyone came out on the other side with stronger websites, ready to take on more photography bookings!

Kaila and Kekoa At The Maui Pineapple Chapel | Photo By Leni Kei Photography

After lunch everyone boarded two buses and went on a Focal field trip to the Olowalu Plantation House. With breathtaking ocean views and lush greenery, the Olowalu Plantation House was the perfect venue for our attendees to capture two oceanside elopements, an oceanside mermaid set, and an ethereal maternity set. Later that evening, many of our attendees and mentors celebrated the end of an incredible three-day workshop at a local bar in Lahaina, Maui.

Daniel and Faith At The Olowalu Plantation House | Photo By Joshua Oh
Clarinda and Ian At The Olowalu Plantation House | Photo By Marcus Hanenburg Photography

If you weren’t able to attend Not-a-Conference, Maui, we are hosting our next conference in Banff, Canada this fall from September 26th - 27th. The event is going to be an unforgetable two days with classroom-style and hands-on learning with Gabe McClintock, Fer Juaristi, Two Mann Studios and Nicole Ashley, and our co-hosts Taylor Jackson and Lindsay coulter. We can’t wait for our next adventure in Banff, Canada!

Join Us in Banff!

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