How your photography pricing is losing you dream clients

February 24, 2020

At Focal we believe in order to make the photography industry a fairer place for photographers, we have to improve the ability for customers to make educated purchasing decisions.

These days, customers take for granted the ease in which they can find information required to make a purchasing decision. Imagine, you’re looking to buy a new phone - it’s simple to look up different models online, see pictures and videos of the product in action, read reviews and compare prices from different sellers. After a couple hours, most people can get a pretty good idea of what product suits them best depending on their needs and budget.

But photography isn’t a physical product, it’s a service - I’d even venture to call it an experience - or dare I say art! And this is what really muddles the purchasing experience for customers. Unique experiences and art aren’t tangible, so it’s very difficult to convey the value of them. When you buy an iPhone for $1000 you know what you’re getting. But when you want to book a photography package for $1000, it’s much harder to understand what you’re getting.

Here’s a great example, one of our newborn photographers - Christin from Ooh Ooh Darling Photography - used to list her packages something like this:

Newborn Only Session

Newborn and Family Session

The problem with this is that it fails to convey all the UNIQUE intangible value that makes Christin such an amazing newborn photographer. It misses out on showcasing the very things that make her so special.

The first time I went to one of Christin’s newborn shoots, I was blown away by the EXPERIENCE. From the second you walk into her studio, the lights are dim, she has the heat cranked up to help keep the baby sleepy, there’s a wall with a plethora of adorable little hats and props to choose from, there’s a relaxing area for mom and dad with couches, pastries and coffee. And then Christin gets started. She rocks the baby gently, shushes them like a baby whisperer and gets them asleep like turning off a light! Christin told me that after he shoots she often gets emails from parents asking for tips on how to get their baby to fall asleep! When she’s ready to shoot she carefully and skilfully places the baby in adorable poses for their photos. All of this she has learned from years and years of training.

That’s what she does. But the way Christin makes you feel is something more. She’s the type of person that you can immediately trust with your baby because you can tell how trained and professional she is. You can tell that she loves what she does. That she loves your baby like her own and truly cares about making sure you capture your little one before they grow up!

To me, this is what makes Christin so special. Yes, she takes amazing photos but that is only a small fraction of the overall experience that she provides. 

This is why we created Focal packages - to help photographers convey their unique experience and value.

We believe that by helping you - we can create a better photography industry where customers can easily digest your offerings, make educated decisions about their purchase and see the unique value and experience that you provide beyond 2 Hours, 100 Edited Photos and $1000. 

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