Focal photographers' most Instagramable locations in Victoria, BC

February 28, 2020

Photography is a hobby many people have tried at some point in their lives but very few practice regularly.  Only those who devote a big part of their lives to practicing this craft can separate themselves from hobbyist to a professional.  Here at Focal, we want to help those hobbyists who may have a DSLR collecting dust in their closet or maybe just want to capture more memories on their phone by showing off some of our Focal Photographer's favorite outdoor locations around Victoria!  Whether you're visiting Victoria for the first time or have lived here all your life we hope this article helps you find a new spot to explore!    

Hatley Castle

We start off at Hatley Castle, one of the most famous spots on our list.  This beautiful castle has been declared a Federal Heritage Building and is home to Royal Roads University.  Additionally, the castle has been in several of the X-men movies along with Deadpool 2.  We had a blast here when we came out for a pre-wedding shoot.  The castle is surrounded by beautiful ocean views along with immaculately kept gardens which have just become free for the public!  About a 25 minute drive from downtown Victoria, this castle adds a level of sophistication to your photos that's hard to find anywhere else!

Mount Douglas  

About 25 minutes from downtown Victoria, Mount Douglas has a variety of trails all leading to the peak as pictured above.  From the top, you can see all across Victoria.  Ocean views, busy neighborhoods, and even Uvic campus can be seen from the top of Mount Douglas.  It's a perfect place to bring a picnic and watch the sunset.  If you want to skip the hike and just get to the viewpoint there's even a parking lot at the top, which allows you to drive most of the way up to see this astonishing view! This is great if you have small children or those who are less mobile as they can have access to this great view too.

Fisherman's Wharf

This spot is great in the summer as there are lots of delicious places to eat on the wharf.  You can even go whale watching or hire a water taxi from here! Fisherman's wharf is a great spot whether you just want some casual photos of your friends and family or in the Focal team's case if you want to take some headshots or team photos.  One unique thing that makes this particular wharf stand out is the brightly coloured buildings which surround it.

Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park is wonderful for people of all ages.  Throughout the park, there are peacocks who are eager to explore.  The park is very walkable and you will see lots of cyclists and joggers frequenting the park.  If you have little ones there's also a petting zoo called Beacon Hill Children's Farm with lots of interesting animals including goats and alpacas that any animal lovers should check out!  If you are up for a short walk there is a beautiful path along Dallas Road not far from Beacon Hill Park.  This pedestrian walkway is a great place to see people kitesurfing when it gets windy and it is also a great spot to explore the beach.

Hopefully, this inspires you to get out there and explore the island more! Whether through photography or just by taking friends and family to new places across Victoria we hope you find something new to do this weekend!

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