3 tips for simplifying your photography workflow

A simplified workflow is essential for any photography business. Not only does it ensure your business runs smoothly, but it can also combat feelings of imposter syndrome. If you struggle with feeling like you are a true professional, developing a simple workflow can help your business feel more legit. 

Your workflow is everything from booking clients to editing photos, but there is a lot that goes into getting to those two points. Ad creation, website design, building social media platforms, etc. --that’s a lot on your plate!

Designing a simple workflow will save your hours of time, allowing you to return those hours to yourself (or back into your business). 

Are you ready to save time? Here are 3 tips for simplifying and streamlining your workflow.

1. Create a Routine

Photo by: Marlboro Wang Photography

The first thing you must do in order to simplify and streamline your workflow is to create a routine and stick to it. The routine does not have to be anything crazy, but by bringing order to your workday (and therefore, workflow), you will feel less stressed during the day. 

Here are few examples of how to create a routine:

Photo by: Greg Samborski Photography

Adding some structure to your workday when you are your own boss can transform your productivity. Whether it is as small and simple as starting at 9 am every day, or getting all the tedious admin work out of the way first thing in the morning, creating a routine is the first step to simplifying your workflow. 

2. Prioritize Your Tasks

Photo by: Marlboro Wang Photography

When you work for yourself, it can be easy to brush away the “less fun” stuff under the rug and work on the more exciting things like playing around with your new editing software or engaging on Facebook. While both of those are helpful to your business, maybe you are super behind on sending out contracts. That means you should probably get on sending them out so you can start booking more shoots, right? It is crucial to get in the habit of prioritizing time sensitive tasks, especially when you are your own boss because nobody else is going to force you to do those boring tasks! 

If you feel anxious in your day-to-day life, getting rid of these time sensitive tasks first thing in your workday might help. I don’t know about you, but knowing I have a massive project due the next day and not working on it makes me incredibly anxious!

3. Use Focal's Portfolio & Booking System

Relying on digital tools to simplify and streamline your workflow is a must. Why shoulder all those tasks when there is something that can help you bear that weight? So many photographers rely on the archaic way of doing things, such as taking payments via Venmo or PayPal or planning packages with clients over 30 emails. With Focal, a simple workflow is easy to achieve. Our Booking System cuts down the emails you need to send to your clients by 65%, sends automated payment and booking reminders to your clients via email (so no one forgets when and where to meet, or to pay you!), and allows you to take payments in a professional way --all in one place! Inquiring clients can browse your storefront filled with descriptive packages that convey the details they want and need to know regarding your shoot, and then message to book you straight from that package. It’s really that easy!

Say goodbye to manually keeping track of client information, remembering who paid you and who didn’t, and sending payments via Venmo. Focal keeps track of everything so you can take back your time as a photographer. 

Check out our blog post: How to build an awesome investment page to create an investment page that helps simplify your workflow.

Those are the 3 essential tips to improving your photography workflow and creating more time in your day. It’s hard juggling all the hats that a photographer must wear: from being your own boss to being your own editor, it can be overwhelming. These tips, along with Focal’s assistance, can help you feel more professional and regain control of your business

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