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Felicidades! I'm here to take one more part of the wedding planning off your checklist, the photographer! You can rest assured that on your big day I'll capture all of your perfect moments. I've shot weddings in all sorts of settings which makes my portfolio interestingly varied as you can see! Check out my Wedding Package for more details on what to expect.

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Your wedding only happens once, I'm here to preserve those memories forever! You'll get top notch customer service as well as artistic and professionally edited images. Here's a checklist of shots you're guaranteed: • Shot of wedding invitation• Bride(s) and bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done• Dress hanging, jewelry laid out, shoes etc.• Family portraits• Bride and father in wedding car/walking to ceremony• Groom(s) and groomsmen getting ready• Wedding ring shots• Aisle walking couples• Father/mother giving bride away• Exchanging of vows and rings• Participants such as readers, the officiant, musicians etc.• The first kiss as a married couple, and the moment after• Signing the register• Newlywed shot• Portraits of bride/groom on their own• Details and room decor shots, including table settings, place cards, favours, centrepieces etc.• Wedding cake detail shots• Couple arriving• Toasts and speeches• Cutting the cake• The first dance• Bride(s) dancing with father/groom(s) dancing with mother• Couple mingling with guests• Guests dancing• Musicians, singers, DJ .....and more!


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