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Victoria, BC, Wedding & Engagement Photographer

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Nellie Quail

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Let me help you remember it all when you are too busy getting lost in your partners eyes or sharing a giggle with your best friend.

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Nellie Quail Photography's Wedding Package - Signature



Your wedding day is your most public day of professing your love, its usually one of the biggest (and most expensive) days of your life so why not document every moment. You will be floating on air during your day and it will zip by in a blur so let me help you slow down time, capture the moments you might not otherwise see and help you relive it in years to come.


Are you Spider-Man? No. What?! That's crazy. How could I be Spider-Man? That'd mean I've been taking photos of myself this whole time. ...We're definitely two separate people.; Can you shoot a web, though? The only thing I ‘shoot' are pictures.

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