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Lydia Bell

Hey! It's your friendly neighbourhood wedding photographer here. My name's Peter Parker, but you can call me Pete. I've been shooting webs‚ uh, weddings‚ for the last 10 years. One thing you won't have to worry about as the bride: I'll never be the one dressed in white. I like to be pretty incognito at weddings. Most times, you won't even see me around. But if any trouble breaks out, I want you to feel safe knowing things are under control. I'm the only wedding photographer in New York with insurance coverage for rhinos, crime lords, and mad scientists. NOTHING gets in the way of a wedding. That's my guarantee to you.

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Videography add-onsThree hours of videography coverage on your wedding day to capture the sweet, romantic moments that you will never want to forget. $1000 Video package Add ons:Incorporation of existing footage into video $150Additional minute of video $150additional USBs $250digital download $350 Video “Storytale” special add-onProfessional short length “storytale” video by Golden Fable Productions which includes 5 hours coverage on wedding day. This 5 minute memorable love storm film will include interviews of the bride and groom, well-wishes from the guests, story of how the couple met, as well as dedications and special moments from the ceremony and reception. $3500Your storytale video includes interviews, an engagement video session, two pre-wedding meetings (so we know exactly what you want!) and five hours of coverage on the wedding day.


Are you Spider-Man? No. What?! That's crazy. How could I be Spider-Man? That'd mean I've been taking photos of myself this whole time. ...We're definitely two separate people.; Can you shoot a web, though? The only thing I ‘shoot' are pictures.

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