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An engagement session is one of the most important sessions for any couple. It doesn't matter if you've been together for six months or six years, the engagement announcement needs to put your love and affection for each other on full display and be some of the first pictures leading up to your big day you can always look back on fondly. We love working with couples and finding out what makes them tick, what makes them special and most importantly what they love most about each other! Contact us today to book your session and get those jaw-dropping images that will make all your friends and family go "Awwww!".

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AFRAY Photo's Engagement Session - 1 Hour Family Photo

AFRAY Photo's Engagement Session - 1 Hour



This package offers ample time to use a variety of scenery at one of our tried and true locations or one you suggest! We'll use a variety of poses and prompts to not only put you both at ease, but to also showcase your love for one another. While there is a degree of planning and forethought involved, we always love to keep the whole session aloof and utilize any suggestions or ideas along the way.


What should we bring with us? A blanket is always great for some sitting shots. We also recommend anything "uniquely you" that is special to you as a couple. Are you avid readers? Bring some of your favorite books. Big sports fans? Have your favorite jerseys on hand for some fun and casual shots. Have something you're just not sure about but want to incorporate? Let us know so we can make it happen!; Should we bring a change of clothes? We always recommend it. It's always good to have a "dressy" outfit and a "casual" outfit in our opinion. If you prefer, layering is always good as well.

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