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Modern Package and Investment Guides

That Easily connect to your website


With Focal, I love when I get an inquiry and the customer already knows what they want. They already read everything and they just want to book."

Marlboro Wang - Marlboro Wang Photography

Stunning Packages Designed to Sell

Have you ever had clients ask "how much is it?" even when your pricing is right on your website? Focal makes it easy for clients to understand the shoots you offer and find the right one for them.

Optimized for mobile

Clear calls to action designed to generate leads

Interactive e-commerce design generates up to 4x more booking inquiries than standard investment pages

Simple to Build

If you’re tired of messing around with your website or graphic design programs, building packages with Focal will be a breath of fresh air.

Pre-built sections and prompts help you give the important details to your clients

Default policies to make sure clients understand the terms and conditions

Integrate Google or Facebook Reviews to show off those raving testimonials

Investment Guide

If you’re trying to cram the pricing for your portraits, weddings and commercial work all on the same page, you’re diluting your brand and confusing your client. Focal is designed to make things easy -- for you and your customers.

Connects seamlessly to your website

Packages dynamically organized by category

Use your own custom domain

Powerful Booking & Marketing Integrations

With your packages set up, you'll have everything you need to start marketing and booking clients!

Copy links to share your investment or packages guides with clients

Add Packages to Bookings for clients to pay directly to your bank account

Get listed on the Focal Marketplace and earn up to an additional $10K a year in bookings

Industry wordsmiths ready to help you build your packages

Need Help? Check out our Package & Investment Guide Full Service Setup


Being a photographer is easier with Focal


The ease [with] which I browse photographers, find info, and book (all while making my 8-month-old lunch) was so much easier. than reaching out to all the other photographers we normally work with and coordinate their schedule with the limited 3 days we were going to be on island



I am sure Focal is the future. Everything is clearly laid out and easy for customers to book. Customers can find what they're looking for in minutes or less. It’s also so convenient because instead of writing emails explaining stuff and usually confusing the customer, Focal answers all their questions for me and some more



Focal has given me the chance to connect not just with clients, but within the photography community. It’s been amazing to be so supported by a dedicated and passion fuelled team. Focal sees the value in photographers and are always committed to delivering incredible experiences to their clients. I love being a part of that!


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