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Hey! I'm Haley, a small town girl, living in the big city of Calgary, going on weekend adventures to Banff, Canmore and Kananaskis to fill my soul. There is something about fresh air, wide open spaces (don't hate me for throwing in a little country music reference) and nothing but time to kill that fills me up. Every time I drive to the mountains I feel like I'm going home, maybe it's the fact that I met my husband there many years ago under a star filled sky or maybe its the way life feels a little slower and a little quieter that speaks to my heart. I'm 'mama' to two, crazy, little wildings that have that same adventure loving and free spirited nature that I do. There is never a mountain too high, a river too cold or an idea too crazy for them. Its my littles that have inspired me to pick up a camera and never put it down. I love capturing all those special but ordinary moments, the dirty hands hugging his sister, the way he looks up and smiles at Dad and his wild and free abandon for everything in life. The little rolls on her legs, the dimple on only one cheek and her pure delight at watching her brother run. These moments mean so much but are far too fleeting. Adventurous, storytelling family sessions are such a beautiful way to remember the little things because I can document how those tiny toes grow, the hugs get bigger and grander, and the imagination and adventures change over time. It's such a joy to document the little moments from maternity, to newborn to rambunctious family sessions and really make the personalities come to life in photos to last a life time. I always try to remember on those hard moms days that the kisses and 'whys' wont last forever and one day he will find his best friend thats not me so I need to capture it in all its glory to showcase at his wedding one day.

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Haley Skof Photography's Maternity Session Photo

Haley Skof Photography's Maternity Session



Showcase that bump! I love capturing growing bellies, there is something so special about pregnancy, it means so much in different ways to each individual. I personally feel my most beautiful when pregnant, I love the growing bump, all the aches and pains and beauty that comes with it. When people says you are glowing, I really see that, I make it come to life and hope to make you see it too. When I think of the word goddess, I always think of a mama to be. Whether it's a solo session with just you and your bump, a first pregnancy with dads hand always near by or another addition to a growing family, I love to document it all. Its about capturing this fleeting moment in your life, those last precious moments before your first born gets the important title of 'big', or the life changing moment of holding your babe for the first time. Your life will be forever changed and these are moment you never want to forget. To look back and remember the emotions of feeling those little kicks and seeing your body transform in such a magical way. I truly believe in celebrating your changing body and family.

Haley Skof Photography's Full Newborn Session Photo

Haley Skof Photography's Full Newborn Session



Those tiny hands and feet grow so fast and those long sleepy days turn into wild, beautiful chaos. I absolutely love capturing those 'oh so sweet' first moments of a sweet babes life, because they go too fast. I was once you, pregnant and wondering 'should we do newborn photos?', The answer is yes, its always yes and not a decision I once ever questioned. The days fly by and its so important to remember those sweet little features just how they are, to have memories to hang on your wall of how that little babe fit perfectly into the palm of your hand, those soft, wrinkly little feet and the cutest yawns you ever did see. I love to capture your family exactly how they are, to document just how life is in the newborn chaos. There is no need to get dressed up, although I have a beautiful client closet if thats what you love, and don't worry about the blankets, toys and bottles lying around, thats all part of the story. My newborn sessions are about you, your family and exactly how it all started! If you ask my clients they will tell you I have a knack for turning chaos into beauty.

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