Jr. Software Developer

Are you a natural problem-solver? A passionate learner? Have a knack for coding? We want you!

We're hiring a Junior Software Developer to join our growing Focal team. You'll play an instrumental role in commercializing our software platform across Canada and into the United States and beyond.

The rundown:

This is a paid internship position through Career Launcher. The monthly salary is $4,250 with an additional $4,000 dedicated to intern training. This is a six-month position (40 hours/week) with the possibility of extension. The position starts September 1, 2020, and runs until February 28, 2021.

What you'll do:

As Junior Software Developer, you'll help us in developing and scaling our e-commerce platform for photography.

Focal's success so far has been primarily local as we focused on validating our minimum viable product (MVP). To do so required us to incur some "tech debt," which has prevented our ability to scale up into other cities and countries. Now that we have validated our MVP with paying customers, we are looking to grow the platform quickly. The purpose of this role will be to aid us in solving some of these scalability challenges.

Software Development & Programming: You'll join our development team in building new features using modern development frameworks such as React and Django.

Software Development Project Management: You'll be tasked with understanding business goals and developing software solutions using the minimum viable product (MVP) framework. You'll create detailed development timelines, roadmaps, and burndown charts to ensure the development of the project stays on schedule. You'll also document code in order to upkeep development maintainability.

Software Design and User Experience Development: You'll get user feedback from paying users of the Focal platform. You will need to understand customer feedback and create user stories in order to design software that accounts for every use case and possible bugs. In partnership with the Focal business team, you will cooperatively suggest software UX solutions to solve problems.

The main UX problem you'll be tackling is the onboarding process of photographers onto the Focal platform. One of our main bottlenecks is the need for customers to be manually walked through the setup process. Streamlining the onboarding process will allow us to acquire customers at a faster rate and scale the company.

Dev-Ops: You'll be in charge of implementing proper testing throughout our application in order to maintain readability.

What you're good at:

Front-end Development: Experience in ReactJS and CSS is highly sought after. Experience in other facets of our tech stack (Django REST API, GitLab CI/CD, Firebase Hosting, GCP Kubernetes, PostgreSQL) is also greatly valued.

Beautiful Design: Our ideal candidate has a passion and track record for developing beautifully designed and user-friendly products/solutions.

Quick Learning: Our ideal candidate has a proven track record of being able to learn quickly and is passionate about solving novel and complex problems.

What we offer:

Education required:

Undergraduate Degree (Preference towards S. Eng or CSC) or related field.

Sound like a good fit?

Please complete an application on the Career Launcher website. You'll need a cover letter and resume for the application. We're excited to hear from you!

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