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This session is for those who might need a few variations of photos, or a few different background and/or clothing options. (If you just need one or two good photos, you might want to check out my 20 min headshot session instead.) If you're looking for a natural looking headshot, I can help you get it done without any big fuss. No need to be a model, I have lots of ways to help you feel comfortable and can guide you with how to stand and “pose” so that you don't look or feel awkward. We will meet at a park, and after a couple of minutes chatting to see what kind of look you want to achieve, we'll get right in to shooting. You'll know right away how the photos are turning out because I'll show them to you on the back of my camera as we go so we can make adjustments if needed. Group Rates Available for companies needing headshots for many people!


What should I wear? Clothing choice will depend on the look you are going for. If you want a business headshot, choose dressier clothes than for a casual lifestyle portraits. As for colors, I normally tell people to stay away from tones that look like their own skin color ,as I've seen photos where people tend to look “naked”. Textures (like knitted sweaters) look great, but avoid large patterns/prints and big logos. It might be worthwhile to consider where this photo will end up… is it going on your website which is mostly blue? Then a blue shirt might match well, for example!; Can I purchase more photos if I want? If you end up liking or needing more than just two photos, additional photos can be purchased for $25 each. (This will include light retouching and delivery as high resolution jpg.); Can we do a studio shoot? I'm sorry but I am not able to use the shared studio space anymore due to COVID-19. All sessions must be done outside, or at your office / store and I will wear a mask if we are indoors!; Can I choose my background? Probably! Tell me in your first email what you have in mind for the background and we will choose our location accordingly! If you want something plain, like a white background, we can use a building wall as the background. Most of the time however, my clients like to have something natural in the background.; Where are the sessions done? I normally shoot at Portage Park in the morning for these sessions because of the variety of backdrops available in a short walking distance. Because of the quick nature of these sessions, I don't travel outside Victoria/View Royal for this package.


7 days before the shoot date & time: 100% refundBetween 7 days and 24 hours before the shoot date & time: 50% refundLess than 24 hours before the shoot date & time: no refundBooking is considered cancelled when the client messages the photographer in writing Shoot may be extended with mutual consent. The possibility of an extended shoot should be discussed beforehand. The hourly package rate will apply.Reshoots can be arranged at a cost of 50% of the hourly package rate. Photographer retains copyright over the Photographic Work and is able to use it for self-promotion. The client may make unlimited reproductions of the Photographic Work for family and friends both online and offline. Photoshoots will typically take place rain or shine. For outdoor shoots, an agreed alternate location may be planned in advance.Shoots will only be cancelled and a full refund given in the most extreme circumstances. If the shoot can be rescheduled there will be no additional fees for the customer. Additional photos can be purchased for $25 each. (This will include light retouching and delivery as high resolution jpg.) Payment in full at the time of booking. Payments may be made by credit card upon receiving an invoice.

Naomi Maya Photography's 1hr Headshot Session Headshot Photo


As soon as you book, you'll get an email reply within 24 hours (usually less). We'll decide on a time and location (based on the style of photos you're going for) for the session and I'll see you there. If you have any questions you can call or email me. I'll show you photos on the back of my camera as we go, and when you're happy that you've got at least a few that you like we will call it done! After the shoot, I'll sort your images (keepers from no-goods) and email you a link to a private gallery where you can see all the keepers. You'll let me know which 5 you want and I'll retouch it as needed and send it to you in high res jpg.


60 Minute of Photography Coverage 5 Enhanced and Edited Digital High Resolution Images Delivery of Final Images Within 5 business Days Personal Use License

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Naomi Maya
Naomi Maya Photography
Headshot Photographer Victoria, BC

So, you need a headshot!?! Great! I can help :)Hi, I'm Naomi, and I went to film school in the late 90's‚ I'm used to being in front of the camera as well as behind. I understand what it's like to have a big lens pointed at your face ‚Äì it can be quite intimidating! You probably don't do this often, so I'll do my best to make you comfortable by getting the shots quickly and I'll never make you stiff by holding a pose for a long time!I shoot outdoors because I love the soft light and natural backdrops we have here in Victoria.

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What does your headshot say about your business? Put your best foot forward with a professional, up to date headshot. This session takes approximately 15 minutes at my Esquimalt studio and includes 1 lighting look with 1 outfit. 1 high resolution retouched file with no watermark and full commercial usage rights is included with the session and additional photos can be purchased for $50 apiece. We will shoot tethered to my laptop in the studio so you can immediately see what we're getting and we can make adjustments to your pose and expression to ensure that you get an image that you love. Choose from a selection of seamless backdrop colours including white, grey, black, blue, orange, rose, pink, or we can use the area outside my studio as shown in the second to last image in this package, or the space and furniture in my studio to get a little more depth in the background as shown in the final image in this package. You can either choose your image(s) on the laptop at the end of your session or be sent an online proof gallery from where you can choose your image(s). Final payment will be due upon selection of your image(s) and in most circumstances images will be delivered within 7 days of your final payment unless otherwise specified.

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