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Catrina Ruchalski

Fifty years from now the kids will have families of their own, but the moments will live forever inside of your memory. And you‘ll tell your kids about how you can remember the day you first held them in your arms and whispered, ‚ÄúNo one has ever loved anything more than I love you.‚Äù Those beautiful memories don‘t have to stay locked inside your head - you can hold them in your hands. I believe in the power of imagery to tell that story in a way words just cannot. Hi, I'm Cat! The super outgoing girl, wielding a camera. A lot of the photographers I know are introverts, but not me - no sir. I am a TRUE extrovert. In fact, my husband and I have to consciously make time in our week to hang out just the two of us because we both LOVE people so darn much. I began taking pictures really early on, in high school, with a little point and shoot. Then in college, I studied photojournalism and invested in a DSLR and the rest is history. After college, I pretty much fell into the wedding photography industry. A few friends asked me to shoot their weddings and then when I realized how happy it made me, I hustled to turn my little hobby into a business. I love that I am invited into some of the most exciting moments of your life. It's an honor to observe and help you share your story.

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Cat Ruchalski Photography's Outdoor Family Session



I love family sessions. Whether your kids are grown and soon-to-be going off to college, or little babies, it’s so important to document your time with them because it’s fleeting. I have a 20-month-old and I can’t even believe that he’ll be two in four short months. How?!? Give me all the snuggly pictures with my boy while he’s still small. My philosophy is that the best photos come from deep connection - not only between the subjects, but with the photographer as well. And that is my goalwhen I'm invited into your moments: form a bond between us, so that my intuition is refined enough to recognize where my camera should be pointed.


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