Basil Curry house victoria food taken by Marlboro Wang Photo for Focal

Victoria, BC takeout inspo

In the spirit of supporting local businesses, the Focal team came up with the great idea to go into our archive and pull out some of our yummiest looking food photography to try and inspire you to takeout from some of Victoria’s great local restaurants. 

We know that everyone has their favourite staples in town, but take a look at our list and you might be surprised to find a place that has slipped under your local food radar...until today!

JOIE French Café

1610 Cook St, Victoria, BC

Signature Dishes: Banana Chocolate Crepe, Cheesecake, Ratatouille

If the pandemic has you missing authentic french cuisine - Joie is the place you need. Known for their sweet and savoury crepes, delicious cheesecake and rotating dinner menu, this unassuming cafe is often remarked as the closest place you’ll get to France in BC. When the cafe re-opens, be sure to stop by for a fresh pastry and a coffee. The cozy cafe atmosphere is one of our favourite places to relax in North Park. 

cheesecake, photography by marlboro wang photo for
Joie Cafe Shrimp dish photography by marlboro wang photo

Cold Comfort

1115 North Park Street, Victoria

Signature Dishes: Golden Graham Ice Cream Sandwich, Sea Salt Caramel Pint

Comfort yourself through the pandemic with some of Victoria’s most beloved ice cream! Known for their creative flavours and amazing ice cream sandwiches, this Victoria ice cream staple has been “doing whatever they want since 2010”! They also offer lactose and dairy free options!

Cold Comfort is open for pickups 1pm to 8pm  and is now offering delivery within a 4 km radius! Minimum order of $36 + $10 delivery fee and $12.5% driver gratuity.

Chimoto Japanese Dessert Shop (Temporarily Closed for COVID19)

1108 Blanshard St, Victoria

Signature Dishes: Raindrop Cakes, Matcha Roll, Matcha Cheesecake

Being in lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy your sweet tooth! Treat yourself to artistic Japanese desserts that taste as good as they look! You have to try their beautiful Raindrop Cakes!  The little daisy jello balls come with a fine soy powder and sit in black sugar syrup. Yes those are real flowers inside! Pickup and delivery is available from Chimoto on Blanshard St in Downtown Victoria.

Chimoto Japanese Desserts Phototgraphy by Marlboro Wang for Focal

Chuck’s Burger Bar 

538 Yates St, Victoria & 2031 Malaview Ave W, Sidney

Signature Dishes: Bacon Wrapped Cheese Balls...enough said.

Known for their big portions and family sharing style, Chuck’s is everything you need for delicious comfort food. Turkey wings, candied bacon and pulled pork poutine! Did we mention they have burgers stuffed with cheese! 

Chuck’s has two locations open for takeout. One in downtown Victoria on yates and another up in Sidney.

Burgers and dishes from Chuck's Burger Bar Victoria BC taken by Marlboro Wang Photo for Focal
Burger from Chuck's Burger Bar Victoria B Ctaken by Marlboro Wang Photo for Focal

Nubo Japanese Tapas

39 Pandora Ave, Victoria

Signature Dishes: Maguro Tuna Trio, Miyazaki Chicken Kara-age, Cowboy Roll

Japanese Tapas? Yes, you heard that right. While not related to spanish tapas at all, Nubo captures the essence of “tapas” with small refined dishes that are made for sharing. Albeit authentic japanese cuisine, Nubo isn’t afraid to take risks. Rolls like the Mango Tango or Cowboy roll push the envelope of modern fusion flavours. Plus watching them sear your the tenderloin on your cowboy roll with a blow torch is worth the experience!

Hero shot of sushi and tapas from Nubo Victoria BC  taken by Marlboro Wang Photo for Focal
Sushi from Nubo Victoria BC  taken by Marlboro Wang Photo for Focal

The Tikka Bar

 762 Broughton St, Victoria

Signature Dishes: Chicken Tikka Roll, Macaroni and Cheese Curry, Curry Poutine

The Tikka bar knows takeout. This small and cozy family owned restaurant is often dubbed as one of Victoria’s hidden gems. Their focus on fresh, authentic and flavorful indian food is certainly something to savour. They also aren’t afraid of a bit of fusion as seen by their Mac and Cheese Curry or Curry Poutine! 

The tikka bar restaurant menu dishes  taken by Marlboro Wang Photo for Focal

Vietnam House Restaurant

3189 Quadra St, Victoria

Signature Dishes: Vietnamese Beef Stew, Spring Rolls, Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli

This hidden gem on quadra is a family owned restaurant run by husband, wife and their 5 kids. It’s a no-frills authentic Vietnamese restaurant, with amazing fresh ingredients and no msg. We can’t get enough of their delicious vietnamese beef stew. It’s a rich flavourful stew with rice noodles and melt in your mouth beef. You also can’t go wrong with staples like spring rolls or vermicelli bowls

Vietnam House Victoria BC Restaurant food taken by Marlboro Wang Photo for Focal
Vietnamese Beef Stew from Vietnam House taken by Marlboro Wang Photo for Focal

Sult Pierogi Bar

609 Yates St. Victoria

Signature Dishes: Mack-a-rogi

This quirky spot on yates claims to have reinvented the pierogi! Bold claims yes, but after you’ve tried some of their intense creations you might have to agree. Macaroni, white cheddar and bacon in a pierogi? Is this what dreams dream of?

Sult Pierogi Bar Dishes taken by Marlboro Wang Photo for Focal
Tubby dog at Sult Pierogi Bar taken by Marlboro Wang Photo for Focal

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