Marketing 101 for Photographers: How to Leverage Technical SEO to get more Inquiries

In this detailed video lesson from "Marketing 101 for Photographers," we explore a technical-driven approach to SEO, specifically through blogging about local venues and locations. This session offers a deep dive into how photographers can enhance their website's search engine rankings by meticulously crafting blog posts that not only feature various locales but are also optimized for search engines. We cover key technical SEO elements like keyword research and placement, optimizing meta tags and descriptions, and ensuring website speed and mobile responsiveness. The video also guides you on structuring your posts for better readability and engagement, embedding high-quality images with alt-text, and creating internal links to your service pages. This technique not only helps in ranking higher in search results but also positions you as a go-to resource for clients seeking photography services in specific locations. By the end of this lesson, photographers will be equipped with the skills to combine their creative content with robust SEO strategies, driving more traffic to their site and effectively reaching their target audience. 📸💻🔍🏙️

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