What The Focal? Episode 3: A Balancing Act w/ Palms and Lace

Episode 3: A Balancing Act (w/ Palms & Lace)

The dynamic photography duo, JJ and Alison, join us to talk about their amazing and hectic career balancing photography shoots between Utah and Hawaii.

Tune in to hear them talk more about picking up and moving locations as a photographer, what it is like to make your high school sweetheart your business partner, and discussions around braving the pandemic and getting through slow times.

Check out this Snippet:

JJ: "I think confidence is important. And it took a couple of years before I felt confident enough to charge what I was valued at, right? Because, especially for me, I personally would never pay X amount. So, in my mind it didn't make sense to charge a lot of money. So, my first couple years I was way under charging. And then the quality of clients you get kind of matches usually, I mean, the pickiest clients we ever have are the ones that want the big discounts, you know. And so that's what I would probably say to myself is like, I mean, you don't want to over be overconfident, overcharging, but it just took so long for me to feel comfortable charging what I was worth, you know, and also we rebranded like, maybe four years ago, and I wish I would have done that sooner."

Alison: "even if it is like investing in a training, spending that money to go learn something new, to learn a new skill, or to learn how to level up yourself. I think that that is a great thing to do, to be able to just believe in yourself, and invest in yourself, find those people who will help motivate you and help you become that best version of yourself."

Hear the rest below!

Watch & Listen:

Youtube (Video): https://youtu.be/BRWO_O5xBcg

Spotify (Video & Audio): https://open.spotify.com/episode/3LMrCdxw0WN8UAAyIoVp3K?si=550d7aedf5094d3d

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