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What Are Mini Sessions?

Focal’s new Mini Sessions feature allows photographers to devote all or part of their day to specific, short shoots like headshots, family photography, or portraits.

Mini sessions are a great way for you to take advantage of a small opening in your schedule or make the most of specific seasonal photography opportunities. Simply make a package the way you would normally, select the mini sessions button, and set the location, date, and time parameters. The Focal backend system does the rest, and all you need to do is accept peoples payments and show up.

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Mini sessions are a simple solution to kickstarting your business.


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Get started with the Focal Backend System. This is totally free if you process payments outside of Focal.


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Setting up mini sessions is simple with Focal. Set a start and end time, schedule breaks and easily generate time-slots. Clients can book and pay instantly!


Watch Your Business Grow

Mini sessions are a great way to build a returning client base and support your business year-round. And with Focal, It's as simple as linking your bank, creating a package, and attaching it to a booking. The rest is automated!

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(CC payments incur 15% Focal Fee)

Try out the Focal Backend System. Totally free if you process payments outside of Focal.

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