Welcome to Focal! Whether you’ve decided to elevate your photography business by using Focal’s easy-to-use booking system, or you want to create killer packages that clients will come running to book, we’ve got you covered. Read on for how to get started (or watch the video above).

Create your profile

Choose your profile photo, company logo, and cover photo: Your profile and cover photo will appear at the top of every package you create, and your profile photo will also appear on the Focal Marketplace. Chose a profile photo that shows off your personality. For both your profile photo and company logo, ensure your files are under 1 megabyte each. Using square-cropped images (1:1 ratio) will lead to the best results. (Both .jpeg and .png are acceptable file types. Need help compressing images? Check here.)

Fill in your personal details: your name, company name, phone number, and location. Next, you can harness your hard-earned Google or Facebook reviews by linking to them in your profile. Under ‘Reviews URL’, copy the address of your business’ review page (e.g. https://www.facebook.com/bookfocal/reviews/?ref=page_internal). Enter your rating (e.g. 5/5) and list how many reviews you’ve received.

Add social links (optional): connect your website, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest pages. These will show up on your public portfolio. 

Hit 'Save Changes', and you’re ready for the next step: creating your first package for the Focal Marketplace.

Focal can help

Still stuck on how to set up your profile? Send us an email (contact@bookfocal.com) or DM us (@bookfocal) -- we'll be happy to help. If you'd like a 1:1 Focal Demo, schedule a video call with us. We're here to make sure you're supported at every step of the way.

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