Welcome to Focal! Whether you’ve decided to elevate your photography business by using Focal’s easy-to-use booking system, or you want to create killer packages and get listed on the Focal Marketplace, we’ve got you covered. Read on for how to get started, or watch the video above. (Make sure you’ve created your profile first.)

Create your first package

Choose a category for your shoot: Each category (family, weddings and engagements, etc.) will create a separate segment of your portfolio. You can personalize each segment with a tailored biography, or keep the same bio across each category.

Add category-specific FAQs: Do your maternity clients tend to ask different questions from your engagement clients? You can personalize your FAQs for each category. Each question you can anticipate and answer ahead of time is another hurdle you’ve overcome on the customer’s path to booking you.

Get started on a package: Click the yellow ‘Edit’ button to begin creating your first package. The cog tools on the right enable you to publish a finished package, save it as a draft, duplicate it, or delete it.

Add photos and package essentials: You can drag and drop photos on the left portion of your Package Editor. Rearrange them as you wish. (Each photo has a maximum file size of 5MB and must be imported as a .jpeg.) The first photo in the sequence will be your cover photo. It’s best to use a landscape-oriented cover photo for the best visual results on the Marketplace.

Enter the package essentials:

If you charge a session fee and add extra for photos, enter the session fee in here.

Tell a story: Give your customers more to remember than just the price and the number of photos they can expect. What will the shoot be like? What makes your style unique? Focus on what makes your shoots special. Give them a rundown of what the experience will be like, from the time they book you until you deliver the photos. The more you’re able to convey, the better they’ll understand the unique value you provide.

Review your policies: For your protection, we’ve pre-built policies into each package. These cover extensions, reshoots, cancellations, weather events, and image licensing. You’re free to use these policies or modify them to suit your needs. Everything is under your control.

Add package-specific FAQs: Want to offer a Glitter Session, or a Horse and Rider session, or anything else that might come with its own set of frequent questions? You can personalize your FAQs for each package.

Publish your package: Once you’ve finished and saved your work in the Package Editor, you’ll be brought back to your Portfolio. Find your newly-created package, and under the Settings menu, select ‘Publish on Portfolio.’ 

Congratulations! Your package is now visible on your Portfolio and the Marketplace.

Now, you’re ready for the next step: managing bookings and getting paid.

Focal can help

Still stuck on how to set up your packages? Send us an email (contact@bookfocal.com) or DM us (@bookfocal) -- we'll be happy to help. If you'd like a 1:1 Focal Demo, schedule a video call with us. We're here to make sure you're supported at every step of the way.

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