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Lachlan Shum

Co-Founder, CEO of Focal

You're an artist and creative, not a businessperson. Being behind the lens and capturing special moments your clients will cherish forever is what gets you out of bed. You'd rather get out there on a portrait shoot than fuss all day about SEO, IPS, or CODB. (You wouldn't mind ditching the acronyms and business lingo altogether, TBH.) You wish there was a better way to pursue your passion without feeling left behind.

Focal is here to help. We created Confidence, Clients & Cameras to build a supportive community of photographers and professionals who can help you with your business. This group is for photographers who want real, actionable advice they can apply to their business — whether designing the perfect website, struggling with pricing, or bringing in clients.

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Joining the community will gain you access to exclusive live Q&A sessions with top photographers, portfolio and website reviews, weekly business tips, and active support from our team of professionals. Join now and get additional access to our e-guide, 7 Steps for Reaching Your Ideal Clients.

Exclusive Live Q&A Sessions

Hear from top photographers and industry professionals about what's worked for them in their business.

Portfolio and Website Reviews

Want an in-depth opinion of whether your website's messaging is hitting the mark? We'll take a deep dive and show you what's working — and what to fix.

Weekly Business Tips

Being a photographer is hard — and so is getting real, actionable advice. We're here to give you the goods with strategies you can implement today.

Active Support

Got a question about the Focal platform? Some other issue that's been hampering your business? Our team listens and responds.

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