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Taylor Jackson X Focal Offer

No Risk

Whether it's responding to your messages late at night or talking with you every day during the building process - the goal of Focal has always been to help photographers.

That's why building a website with Focal is 100% risk free. You'll get to see a live preview of your website before we launch, and you're eligible for a full refund at anytime until launch.

Claim your slot by paying the first $80 monthly installment, and you'll have access to our calendar to book a consultation with the team!

Claim your Website Slot for only $80
We love empowering photographers

Photographer Love

They rebuilt my website with my personality and image in mind! They are so good the first draft was the final product!! My last website I'd been building for about 3 years, well they built a better one in a week. Lachlan and his team did an amazing job and I'm so happy I went with these guys!

Hank Miller
Hank miller photography

From start to finished product, Lachlan and his team were attentive to who I am as a business owner and how I love to treat my clients. My brand is reflective of that and so is my new Focal website. They're fast to respond and eager to help which is rare these days.

I absolutely recommend team Focal.

Sean Thurston
Sean Thurston Photography

The team at Focal has been a huge help to my photography business, always treating me well and not just as "another photographer".  I love using the booking system to keep track of my clients, payments and packages all in one place! It keeps everything so organized. The marketplace feature brings in new clients that I never would have had. I've been on other photography directories, but none compare even remotely to the value I've gotten from Focal. Truly grateful to be part of this initiative!

Naomi Maya
Naomi Maya Photography

I can't even begin to describe how amazing Focal has been and the impact they have had on my business! Their customer service is beyond amazing. They really care about your success in the industry as a photographer, but also care equally about the clients who are  booking to ensure they have the best experience, start to finish... it's such a win win when you feel like you have a team behind you that aligns with your values!Their marketplace has been incredible for bringing in bookings, and their booking system has really improved how I go about scheduling clients. Focal changed the way I go about my business for all of the best reasons! Cannot recommend them enough! Lachlan and the whole team are just wonderful, and truly care in your success.

Christin Carruthers
Ooh ooh darling photography

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Built for you, with you

How it Works



We take the time to understand your vision and build you a website that truly feels yours.



We send you screenshots every day to show you progress and hear your feedback.


First Draft

You get to see a functioning first draft of your site via live preview link with fully functioning packages, galleries and blog.



We help you transfer your domain to your new site as well as configure everything you need for SEO.

Focal comes with everything you need to run your business. Simple & All-in-One.

Full Website Setup + Hosting

Our team will set up your brand new website for you, complete with a fully featured blog and portfolio galleries. Plus we'll add all that stuff you know you need like SEO, internal linking, sitemap, google search console and more! When we're done you get access to a simple easy-to-use editor where you can add blog posts and galleries without ever worrying about breaking your website

Investment Guide + Packages

Our team will create rich packages for you that will have clients falling in love right on your website. Photographers that use Focal find that they spend 90% less time emailing with clients because they already know which package they want!

Calendar Booking System + Mini Sessions + Contracts + Payments

You'll get access to Focal's full suite of business tools so you can run your business seamlessly. Easily send bookings, contracts and payment links to clients all from one dashboard! Clients can see your live availability and make booking requests for times you're free.

Let you and your photos shine

Simple Design

Focal sites are all about simplicity and functionality. Our sites are built to deliver a seamless client experience and provide a canvas for your photos and personality to shine.

Why choose Focal?

We aren't the biggest company out there, we're going to make mistakes. You're going to find bugs in our platform, features missing that you could find elsewhere - but our promise to you is that if you let us know, we will listen and always do our very best to make things right.

No matter what, we believe in treating people well, making people happy and asking for nothing in I know many of you do.

That's why we love working with photographers.


How is Focal different from other website providers like Squarespace, Pixieset and others?

Unlike self-serve website builders, Focal builds your website completely for you. We work with you collaboratively to understand you and build a website that is truly yours. Focal sites come complete with built-in SEO, blog and portfolio galleries functionality. Easily make changes, add galleries or write blog posts through our simple editor. Plus, you get access to our professional booking system which includes: packages, bookings, contracts and payments. All in one place. You also get listed on the Focal Marketplace.

Can I edit my site after it's completed and delivered to me?

Yes, Focal websites are designed to be easy to maintain and update! You can easily add new blog posts, galleries and packages.

With that in mind, we always let photographers know that if they are looking for a website where they can drag around and re-arrange their layout or adjust every little bit of padding. Focal is not for them! Focal sites are designed to be like a sandbox where you can't break anything.

It's simple to change out photos, text and add new content and you'll never break anything!

How will Focal help me with SEO?

We always want to make it clear that a Focal site will not magically launch you to page one of google. However, a Focal site comes with the infrastructure and ease to get you there! With a Focal site, it's easy to publish new galleries and blog posts with correctly structured SEO to help you rank.

What are the fees of the Focal Booking System?

Focal is backed by Stripe's connect payment structure. Payments through Stripe incur a standard 2.9% + $30 cent fee per transaction. Focal does not take any additional fees above Stripe's mandated transaction fee.

Clients can pay by credit card, google pay, apple pay or even outside the platform.

Is Focal for me?

If you're looking for a professional, extremely easy to use, all-in one system for your website, contracts, booking and payments - yes!

If you want a website where you can customize every font size, every bit of padding or you want to build brand new page layouts - Focal is not for you!

If your goal is to focus on your photography while Focal does the work for you, book a consult!

Does Focal do gallery delivery?

Not yet, but we are working on releasing a gallery delivery feature soon!

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