Let's dive into how you can use Focal’s ‘Inform Your AI’ feature to your advantage. The new feature allows you to customize your AI Assistant to match your unique writing style. Think of it like teaching a clever assistant to communicate just like you do.

Getting started with this feature is straightforward. For instance, if you're a French photographer and prefer your content in French, simply instruct the AI with “write all my content in French.” Or, if you’re aiming for a specific writing style – perhaps something inspired by Shakespeare but more concise – just let the AI know. You can even feed it some of your own writing samples. This way, it learns to mimic your personal style, making any content it creates sound more authentically you.

Why is this important? As photographers, our schedules are often packed with shoots, editing, and client meetings. Finding time to write content can be challenging. This is where the AI becomes a valuable time-saver. Once it’s tuned to your style, it can quickly generate personalized content. This means you can spend more time focusing on your photography and less time worrying about writing for your blog or website.

The ‘Inform Your AI’ feature on Focal is like having a personalized content creator. By getting it to echo your unique voice and style, you can make content creation a hassle-free part of your business. Try it out and see how it can streamline your workflow and add a personal touch to your digital presence!

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