Creating your mini session package

Create your package as normal in the Package Editor but be sure to enter in your available dates and time slots in the Description or What to Expect field. This will allow your clients to immediately see what sessions are available and book according to what fits into their schedule, sparing you from excess emails asking about your availability. You may want to consider leaving a few minutes in between sessions to give yourself some time to prepare between clients.

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Creating your booking

Once you have received a request for one of your mini sessions you can create a booking. In your Focal dashboard, navigate to the Bookings tab on the left sidebar. This will bring you to your Booking Manager which you can use to track and organize your mini shoots. Click on the New Booking button to add in a new session.

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 Here you can enter in all the important details, such as:

Once you’ve filled out all the applicable fields, hit the Create Booking and Send Email button. This will add the booking to your Booking Manager page and will send you and your client an automated email including all the details for the session.

Once you have completed your booking, return to the Package Editor page, remove the booked time slot from your package’s description, and click Save Changes. This will remove the booked mini session from your list of available time slots.


With Focal, there’s no need to track a million invoices and IOUs in your Notes app. Once you have created a Booking Page, your client will automatically receive an itemized invoice with a link they can use to pay their balance.

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When your client clicks the View & Pay Booking button they will be brought to an Order Summary page. Here they can pay their invoice by card, using our secure Stripe Checkout page. Once the transaction is complete, you and your client will both receive receipts of payment and your Booking Manager will record the session as paid.

Managing your mini sessions

If a client decides they want to change their time, you can easily update the booking. Return to the Bookings tab and click the Edit button on whichever booking you need to adjust.

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From here you can change the time and date, and make any other necessary adjustments to the booking. Once you’ve made the desired changes, click the Edit Booking button to save the changes and send an email to the client with the updated information.

Make sure to return to the Package Editor and update your list of available times to reflect any changes made to your time slots.

Once you have your mini sessions booked, you can easily sort through and organize your multiple bookings according to your needs in the Booking Manager. Keep track of your day by filtering sessions by time, find out which clients are yet to pay by sorting by payment status, or quickly find a specific client’s email address using the search function.

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Focal’s Booking Manager is designed to make your life easier by keeping your sessions organized and in one place. You will have access to the information for each individual booking on-site, helping you manage your full day of mini sessions.

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