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Are you looking to capture your family in a beautiful location, and have images to last a lifetime? Family photos are an incredibly precious moment. They freeze a period of time with your family that never returns. Having images from these different life stages is something to look back on forever!


What should I wear? Be yourself! I can offer some suggestions that will make you shine your best.; Can I bring my pet? We love furry friends! A pet is certainly welcome, pending the location discussed.


7 days before the shoot date & time: 100% refundBetween 7 days and 24 hours before the shoot date & time: 50% refundLess than 24 hours before the shoot date & time: no refundBooking is considered cancelled when the client messages the photographer in writing Shoot may be extended with mutual consent. The possibility of an extended shoot should be discussed beforehand. The hourly package rate will apply. Reshoots can be arranged at a cost of 50% of the hourly package rate. Photographer retains copyright over the Photographic Work and is able to use it for self-promotion. The client may make unlimited reproductions of the Photographic Work for family and friends both online and offline. Photoshoots will typically take place rain or shine. For outdoor shoots, an agreed alternate location may be planned in advance. Shoots will only be cancelled and a full refund given in the most extreme circumstances. If the shoot can be rescheduled there will be no additional fees for the customer. 50% deposit at the time of booking, 50% remainder due 3 days after the photoshoot. Payments may be made by credit card upon receiving an invoice.


Before the shoot:Once we connect, we will get on an email thread or on a phone call to discuss your ideas and vision of an outdoor location. My partner Randy and I can help you narrow down your locations due to our experience. During the shoot:The session will be a combination of posed and candid images. I like the capture the family as you are. I am happy to offer posing suggestions, however I try to capture you and your family moving naturally during our time together. After the shoot:After the shoot, I will get to editing (See my images and Instagram for edit style). An online gallery will be sent to you within the time frame offered.


1 Hour of Photography Coverage and Shooting timeLocation consultation25 - 75 Enhanced and Edited Digital High Resolution Images2 Photographers for more variety and assistanceDelivery of Final Images Within 14 DaysPersonal Use License

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Sara Boychuk (Vancouver, BC)
Sara Boychuk Photography

My name is Sara and I am a photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. I have photographed for many years.  I shoot wild people, wild places, and wild brands. If you are looking for someone laid back while getting natural shots that feel natural, I am your gal. My portrait work is always a combination of unposed/posed. My edit style could be described as light and soft.

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