Naomi Maya Photography's Magical Firefly Session (for children or families)



This session is great for kids who love being outside! For your Firefly session we will focus on having a good time collecting any little bugs or insects your kids can find. I'll bring a mason jar, and your kids can try to catch bugs! (I'll add a bit of magic to make them glow using Photoshop!) It's super fun and the photos turn out really magical! (These sessions are best done on cloudy days or around dusk.) Since your family is already out for the session, why not add on a bit more time and do a family group photo too!? Optional 20+ extra shooting time and family photos can be added for $150. Includes all the high res images for the family shoot.



14 days before the shoot date & time: 100% refundLess than 14 days before the shoot date & time: no refundBooking is considered cancelled when the client messages the photographer in writing As I'm sure you know, kids are unpredictable! For this reason I allow a +/- 15 minute buffer on all family sessions. We can go a little longer if we need to and you don't have to worry about extra fees. If for some reason it just isn't working out, we can reschedule for a $50 fee reshoot fee. Photographer retains copyright over the Photographic Work and is able to use it for self-promotion. The client may make unlimited reproductions of the Photographic Work for family and friends both online and offline. Photo shoots will typically take place rain or shine, unless it's a complete downpour. (A light sprinkle is fine and besides, umbrellas look pretty in photos!) Shoots will only be cancelled and a full refund given if rescheduling is not possible. If the shoot can be rescheduled there will be no additional fees for the customer. Add +$150 to include a mini family session with this package! Add additional fantasy edits to this package for $50 each. Payment in full at the time of booking. Payments may be made by e-transfer or online via this website.


Magical Firefly sessions take a bit more planning than traditional family sessions so we will usually chat on the phone for about 15 minutes before we have the session. We will need to plan the outfits ahead of time. Do your kids have any special uniforms like boy scouts, cubs or girl guides? If so, those will work great for this session!If not, I can provide a couple of sweaters with badges on them, or provide you with badges that you can loosely sew onto your child's outfit and then return to me afterward. It's best to arrive about 5 minutes before your shoot so we can walk to the location (from the parking lot) together and you don't get lost. Shooting will start right after I show the kids the jars and tell them they can start collecting! I'll adjust the amount of direction I give based on each individual child and whether or not they seem to need it. After the session, you'll pick your favourite 5 images to be edited and turned into Firefly photos! The rest you can have as natural photos (no Photoshop).


30 minutes of Photography Coverage 5 Enhanced Digital High-Resolution Images (Magicadded in Photoshop) Full gallery of candids (without added effects inPhotoshop) Delivery of Final Images Within 30 Days Personal Use License Optional: Add a family mini session (includes an extra 20 minutes) to this package for $150 Optional: Add additional fantasy edits to this package for $50 each

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Naomi Maya (Victoria, BC)
Naomi Maya Photography

Like most parents, my favourite thing to photograph are my children! You want amazing photos, but you also want a fun and relaxed experience for your family. You're pretty sure they will "cooperate" for a short time, but if they're young, you know it won't last long before they lose interest and want to do something else. You're in luck! I have kids too, and I know exactly how to appeal to their way of thinking! Your family session will be flexible and child-focused.

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