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This two hour family packages includes 20 memorable family photos that will be perfect for the family photo album. This package allows us to dig in and capture the essence of your family life – your morning routines, kids jumping on beds, favourite hiding spots and family activities. The three hour session leaves us with ample time to venture outdoors to your favourite areas and capture more family moments against beautiful, meaningful backdrops. This package is perfect for families who want natural looking photos. You’re not looking for that mechanical, one size fits all experience, one that pushes you through a series of fake backdrops, forced poses and heavy photoshop filters. You want something real, photos that tell your story. It’s not easy right? Finding a photographer capable of capturing the essence of your relationship in an artistic way. Well, now you’ve found one, and my speciality is putting people at ease in front of my camera. My strategy is simple. I listen to you. I learn about you. I engage with you. Even if you've never had professional photos done, I work with so many couples who are in the same boat. Part of my job as a photographer is to make you feel comfortable and over the years, I have learned how to bring anyone's true personality out for the camera to see.


Can we extend our photo session? Certainly! An extra hour costs $200 USD and includes 10 additional images.; Can we reduce our session time / quantity of photos? Of course – BUUUUUT the price remains the same so I suggest taking advantage of the full session :); How many people can join our session? The listed session pricing covers up to four people. Additional family members/friends/relatives/pets are $100 each. This is because each additional being requires more shooting and editing time.; Can we choose the photos we want? Yes! By default you get a private online “proofing” gallery where you can select your favourite images. If you prefer that I make the selections, just let me know.; What if we want more photos than are included? You can purchase additional photos at $10 each.


7 days before the shoot date & time: 100% refundBetween 7 days and 24 hours before the shoot date & time: 50% refundLess than 24 hours before the shoot date & time: no refundBooking is considered cancelled when the client messages the photographer in writing Shoot may be extended with mutual consent. The possibility of an extended shoot should be discussed beforehand. The hourly package rate will apply.Reshoots can be arranged at a cost of 50% of the hourly package rate. Photographer retains copyright over the Photographic Work and is able to use it for self-promotion. The client may make unlimited reproductions of the Photographic Work for family and friends both online and offline. Photoshoots will typically take place rain or shine. For outdoor shoots, an agreed alternate location may be planned in advance.Shoots will only be cancelled and a full refund given in the most extreme circumstances. If the shoot can be rescheduled there will be no additional fees for the customer. Payment in full at the time of booking. Payments may be made by credit card upon receiving an invoice.


On the day of the shoot, we will spend 10 or so minutes getting to know each other so you and your family feel more comfortable in front of the camera and look more natural. The shoot will consist of three hours where I will snap those beautiful candid photos that you want. I don’t demand that you spend the whole time posed in front of the camera; often I find it is these moments of natural interactions and relaxation that result in some of the best photos. And guess what, it’s all on me! While our photo session may have ended, our relationship is far from over. Two weeks later you will receive 20 fully processed, high resolution images via a downloadable link and if you would like more, can buy those photos for an additional $10 each.


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Greg Samborski (Victoria, BC)
Greg Samborski Photography

Hi, my name is Greg and I‘m passionate about my craft. In the end, isn‘t that what you want, someone who puts you at ease, listens, delivers as promised and goes that extra mile every step of the way? I want to impress you. Admittedly my desire for praise is also my weakness. I‘m simply not one of those artists who is content merely by the process of making art. I want others to see what I create and for my work to evoke such strong feelings that I can hear you laugh, see you smile and feel your happiness. 

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