Fazzio Foto's Seattle Documental Session (4 Hour)



Hey Beautiful Family!

What a Pleasure to Have You Here!

I always get so excited about a Family Shoot because the options are endless and always fun, full of caring moments, smiles and best of all is that they are eternalized!!

This Photoshoot can be done at any place you and your family have a good time together. It can be a dance party at home, a family pool party, at a playground, themed (Christmas), seasonal... Anything is possible.





4 Hours of Photography Coverage

Outfits as we go

30 Minute Phone/Zoom Consult

50+ Enhanced and Edited Digital High Resolution Images

Delivery of Final Images Within 20 Days

Personal Use License

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Eileen Fazzio
Seattle, WA
Fazzio Foto

WA Family Photographer 🌿
Welcome to a page full of emotions! I hope you feel and be part of it✨
I’m Eileen 😊 I’m glad you’re here✨

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Seattle, WA

Julianne Drake Photography Focal Profile Photo

Julianne Drake

Seattle WA, Family Photographer

Julianne Drake Photography's Seattle Family Mini Session (30 Mins)



Family sessions are about love. I take a storytelling and photojournalistic approach, and aim to capture the true essence of my clients. I take pride in my ability to put clients at ease with a warm, bubbly energy and welcoming demeanor. Not everyone is super comfortable in front of the camera, so I make sure to bring 110% to every session so I can ensure I capture photos that you will love. The most important element to my sessions is having fun and making memories. Moments and details are elegantly captured, offering fresh perspective through emotionally charged images.

If you're looking for a fun outing and beautifully captured, high-quality images that will preserve your family story for years, the Family Mini Session is for you. Come join and let's make some memories! If you're looking for a longer session and the freedom to travel to multiple locations, have a look at the Half-and-Half Session on my portfolio.

Cat Ruchalski Photography Focal Profile Photo

Catrina Ruchalski

Cat Ruchalski Photography's Outdoor Family Session



I love family sessions. Whether your kids are grown and soon-to-be going off to college, or little babies, it’s so important to document your time with them because it’s fleeting. I have a 20-month-old and I can’t even believe that he’ll be two in four short months. How?!? Give me all the snuggly pictures with my boy while he’s still small. My philosophy is that the best photos come from deep connection - not only between the subjects, but with the photographer as well. And that is my goalwhen I'm invited into your moments: form a bond between us, so that my intuition is refined enough to recognize where my camera should be pointed.

JS Photography Focal Profile Photo


Seattle, WA Family Photographer

JS Photography's Seattle Family Session (1 Hour)



The most amazing things in life are not the things around us. They are the places we see, people we are with and the memories we create. Capturing those beautiful memories are so important. I am here to help!

Imagine sitting in your favorite chair in the living room, from across the room you see a photography hanging on the wall of you and your beautiful family. When was the last time you had your family photographs on the walls updated? As a mom of myself, I catch myself saying “our children are growing up way too fast” on almost a daily basis.

I would love to be able to capture your beautiful family photos that you would cherish for a lifetime.

Family Portraits are done in an outdoor setting year-round. In-studio sessions are also available for families who would prefer a more stylized look.

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