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I use to think headshot is just a photo of a person smiling until I looked at Peter Hurley's headshots! He uses a bunch of lights to make people's eye pop, and this makes his headshots unbeatable.When I started learning, I used one light and would ask people to stand in a certain way to make them look more confident. However, I felt like there was something still missing from my headshots. Then I looked at more of Peter Hurley's photos and tutorials. I started to add 2, 3 and finally 4 lights to my headshots. This helps my headshots really accent the eyes and make them the centre of the attention. So no matter what colour your eye's are or how big they are, they have a sparkling and bright effect, which makes you look intelligent and approachable.

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Marlboro Wang Photo's Personal Branding Session headshot Photo

Marlboro Wang Photo's Personal Branding Session

$ 350

If your brand is your business, this is the package for you.

Marlboro Wang Photo's In Studio Corporate Headshot headshot Photo

Marlboro Wang Photo's In Studio Corporate Headshot

$ 350

First impressions are everything! To make a headshot yell hire me is not a easy job. It involves not only the technical aspect of photography, it also requires the clients to present their best self! Sounds hard enough? In my studio, the clients are always happy with the result, so they keep telling their friends. I welcome my clients into the studio and I keep talking to them so they are relaxed and not just thinking about the headshot. Than I would ask them to sit in a chair where the lighting is al setup and tested. I also have a computer screen that will display the photo as I take it. Than I will start to give them tips on their posture such as drop their shoulder, cross their arms, or lean forward. By now, only 50% of the job is done. The other 50% is to bring out the best smile! To achieve this, I will keep encouraging my client and give them tips on how to improve. I am also looking at the photos with my client to find out what they like and don't like. Step by step, I am leading my client to not only smile with their mouth, but also smile with their eyes. Sounds like it's going to take forever! No, I only need 30 minutes of your time and you can pick from a variety of angles and different outfit as well. You need your photo right away? No problem, with a rush fee, your headshot will be ready in 48 hours!

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