Focal Mentorship Program

One-on-one mentoring from seasoned photographers, all for free


Why free?

At Focal, we believe in empowering photographers for the good of the industry. By helping train the next generation of photographers, we can contribute to the overall industry by preventing dilution, increasing photography value and customer experiences. In addition, questions during mentoring sessions are anonymously journalized and used to create educational content for other photographers.

Get Help from Anywhere

The Focal mentorship program isn't just for photographers using Focal. We're here for anyone, wherever you are and whatever you need!

Ongoing Basis

Mentoring sessions aren't just a one-off lesson. Our photographers are willing to teach you on an ongoing basis

Photography Techniques to Business & Marketing

We're here to help with whatever your questions are. Whether it's how to start shooting with flash, get into newborn photography or how to book more clients we have mentors available to help


We get that being a photographer is hard. You're building a small business in a highly competitive industry. Whether beginner or veteran, we all feel a bit lonely sometimes. Focal is here to help. Connect with other photographers looking to support each other

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